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If we aren't starting from scratch we're rewriting the recipe every time.


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strawberryJAM began as an impromptu jam-session in April of 2008 at the Barefoot Art Guild in College Station, TX. The lineup grew from there, bringing together musicians from the Texas A&M campus. "When we first started out, there was no practice, no set-list, and no membership. Whoever wanted to get on stage just jumped on, sometimes 13 people at one time, and the jam would go for hours." The free-form performances taught the group how to improvise together and they continued to gain local popularity for high-energy, unpredictable performances.

In 2009 sJAM began writing structured material together, some of which would be recorded for their demo, The Recession EP. While still holding on to their improvisational roots, the new direction gave the group a fresh challenge and set the stage for their debut, full-length album that would be release two years later. During this period sJAM also began building an impressive repertoire of cover songs that they used to market themselves to Greek organizations all over Texas, which in turn allowed them to fund their studio time. Cover songs continue to be an exciting live feature for sJAM fans, as the catalog spans across all genres and eras.

In the summer of 2010, strawberryJAM moved to Austin, TX where they currently reside. While performing weekly all over Texas, sJAM has opened for such notable acts as Girl Talk, Bob Schneider, and Black Oak Arkansas. In April of 2011, sJAM released their 14-track, self-titled debut. The album was recorded at The Zone Studios in Dripping Springs, TX with Pat Manske (Los Lonely Boys, Dixie Chicks, Joe Ely). The album strawberryJAM is available on iTunes worldwide.

"The world is toast, and were just spreadin the JAM"


strawberryJAM (2011) - 14 tracks on our debut full length album

The Recession EP (2009) - a 4 track EP full of, "Powerfully, poignant violin, screaming guitar, snappy drums, achingly, playful vocals, sensational keys, and more." Rebekah Turmel, InSite Austin Magazine

Set List

From “strawberryJAM II” (2012)
1. On the Grind
2. Emergency
3. Supposed to be King
4. Kendall
5. It’s Just Late
6. Never Could
7. Astronaughty Woman
8. Nightingale
10. Good Times, Bad Times

From “strawberryJAM” (2011)
1. JAM
2. Stone Angel
3. Wasting Time
4. No One But You
5. Big Man
6. Sandstorm
7. Skinny Legs
8. DUB
9. Without A Warrant
10. Happy Hour
11. Lunatic’s Love Song
12. Cycles
13. Brand New Day
14. Inception

Cover Songs:

A Ha - Take On Me
Adele - Rolling In The Deep
Afroman - Rap Song
Allman Brothers - Jessica
The Band - The Weight
Beatles - Birthday
Beatles - Twist and Shout
Beatles - Oh Darlin
Beatles - Hey Jude
Beatles - Sgt. Pepper
Beatles - While My Guitar Genly Weeps
Beatles - Why Don't We Do It In The Road
Beatles - She's So Heavy
Beatles - Back in the USSR
Beatles - Let It Be
Beatles - Get Back
Beatles - Come Together
Ben E King - Stand By Me
Ben Folds - Bitches Aint S