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The best kept secret in music


"UK review"

The first thing you need to know about Strawman is that they are not only amazing performers but they are talented and in places innovative musicians of a very high class. In fact, if they were hookers they would be servicing clients at the Ritz for $50,000 a night.

The album opens with the frankly fantastic; ‘Slackers’ a song steeped in humorous lyrics such as; ‘I’m gonna get a haircut. Gonna get out of this rut. Not gonna smoke so much pot. I’m gonna get a girlfriend. Gonna work on my rear end.’ The song it’s self is amazingly structured to near perfection with edgy build up’s, funky break downs and stout musicianship throughout - Four men working together in perfect musical harmony. There is a live performance video of this song as an extra bonus included on the album; which will make you utterly salivate at the mere possibility that you may one day get to see this band perform. And I use that word in the strongest sense.

‘Middle Coast’ presents a wry take on the East & West Coast rap rivalry with its catchy percussion and phaser laden guitar. Whereas; ‘It’s The End Of Alternative Music (and I feel fine)’ presents a naming and shaming of the music industry with a very REM-esque chorus and strong harmonies. The fact that vocalist Floppy manages to deliver so many band names at that pace is surely an Olympic talent in its self. The intelligently written social commentary from the slightly musically lacking but message filled; 21 Baby’ – with the lines; ‘I can show your kid death on the TV all day, But I give him a free condom and you scream, “No way!”…You’ll join me, pledge allegiance to your beautiful flag, As long as I am not an immigrant or a fag.’ Shows the band’s humor can be exchanged, or rather adapted to create biting satire.

‘Part Time Pimp’ is a fun little intermission track and leads well into the delightfully catchy; ‘Swingin’ In The Pit’ with it’s invigorating pulsing breakdown featuring the lines; ‘Bounce, kids. Now. Pause. (Lather, rinse, repeat). Not to mention its funk laden verses that allows the enjoyable vocal style to shine through once more. There is a good variety throughout this record, from fast paced funk to soaring rock ballads such as; ‘Any Other Day’ which could have been a lot more gripping but ultimately does it’s job as a more laid back album offering.

The simplistic; ‘Lied Zein’ is a little one dimensional but is saved by the inclusion of didgeridoo. However, ultimately it fails to deliver structurally - Whereas the incendiary ‘Diggin’ manages to almost instantly - with its edgy intro and huge riffs as it takes the listener to a slightly darker musical plateau. Strawman are a really exciting band who offer so much to the listener, from wry satire to humor and of course ultimately; catchy and exciting music. ‘Things Left To Do’ is a terribly charming record that you will fall in love with - Not only the CD itself; but also the band’s personalities that so obviously shine through in each and every track. So, while the production could have been better this record is an honest and delightful collection of songs.

Standout Tracks: ‘Slackers’, ‘It's the End of Alternative Music (and I feel fine)’ & ‘Swingin' in the Pit’.

Added: March 25th 2004
Reviewer: Liam Thomson
Score: 4 stars - State of Emergency

"Washington Post"

Although "Floppy" John Meyer's long mane and black leather pants might
seem to
foreshadow little more than a fierce guitar attack, listen closely to
band's 2002 CD, "Things Left to Do," and you'll realize this isn't
empty, loud
posturing. "Product of Environment" is a biting indictment of machismo;
Baby" is a stirring litany of political points. - 7/31/03

"Team Rock (Johnson City, TN)"

The guys from Strawman traveled six hours down from Washington DC to
play their
first Tennessee show and only a handful of people showed up to the free
Strawman…rocked the back room at the Otter like it was packed…they had
a hard
rock sound mixed with a good dose of angst that came out strong in the
The band’s performance was rounded out with strong vocals and smart
They played for a good hour mixing hard rock and alternative styles
beautifully. It was fresh air breathed into a style of music I thought
was just
about gone…This was, in my opinion, the best show booked on a Thursday
this summer.
- 8/3/03

"Weekly Dig (Boston, MA)"

At first, the idea of a song called "It's the End of Alternative Music
(And I
Feel Fine)" may seem a little passé - until you hear how much damn
goofy fun
the tune actually is...And putting the F-U-N back into the well-worn
genre seems to be what DC area Strawman does best. The band's
enthusiasm and supremely tasty licks have already garnered
hard-workin' Strawman a hefty following in the capital region...
- 9/4/03

"On Tap Magazine"

Listening to Strawman's CD, Things Left to Do, really makes me want to
their live show. The dynamic interplay between strong
this selection of twelve songs...the songs are diverse and showcase the
of styles that Strawman offers. The sound is full and balanced without
"slick" or over-produced. Elements of hip-hop ("Middle Coast"),
("Any Other Day") and metal ("Slackers") are all here, and not in the
mashing fashion typical of most contemporary radio fare. The
songwriting is, by
turns, ironic, humorous and poignant and expresses some powerful
messages and
themes ("Product of Environment," "21 Baby") without being preachy,
or overbearing. My personal favorites include "Lied Zehn," "Any Other
Day" and
"It's The End of Alternative Music (And I Feel Fine)," a hilarious
send-up of
the music industry in the style of the R.E.M. sing-along classic. The
is even noteworthy, containing a lyric sheet and photography that
illustrates the themes in the songs. If you like thoughtful lyrics and
instrumental performances, check out Things Left to Do by Strawman…or
yet, catch them live. - September 2003


American Idle
A Better Handle On mY Psyche
Things Left To Do


Feeling a bit camera shy


Summer 2004 - Strawman is touring the entire United States with the Kottonmouth Kings (80 shows in 90 days) in venues averaging 1,000 person capacities. Prior to the tour, Strawman charted nationally on CMJ's Radio 200, landed on top 30 playlists at 65 college stations, sold more than 5,000 self-produced cds, played more than 300 shows, and ran two vans into the ground. And they're still having fun.

Without the help of a label, distributor, or radio promoter, Strawman convinced more than 160 college and independent radio Music Directors to place their album in rotation. "A Better Handle On mY Psyche" was one of the top ten albums at 23 different stations. The band is back with a new disc and even more energy, and is ready to take things to the next level.

Strawman's music is fun. With the backlash against cookie-cutter modern rock bands now in full effect, Strawman is the antidote. Never boring, always catchy and memorable, and never whiny, Strawman takes it back to the days where rock was exciting and larger than life...with a modern twist. Their high-energy live show has gained them opening slots for bands like Everclear, Collective Soul, Anthrax, FUEL, Smile Empty Soul, Seether, The Exies and others. Influenced by a wide variety of bands and styles, Strawman draws inspiration from Parliament-Funkadelic, Motley Crue, Jellyfish, the Chili Peppers, and even Opeth, while finding a way to blend the mishmash into their own cohesive sound. Strawman's brand new studio effort, "American Idle", serves up the guitar driven funk with a radio-friendly pop attitude to match.

Strawman is fronted by Floppy, an intense, powerful vocalist with a life-long history on community theater stages. He has more hair than you. Mark pounds out aggressive bass lines but tempers the power with cascading melodies. He has less hair than you. Shane, a barely pubescent personification of pure energy, is responsible for Strawman's maddening guitar riffs. Finally, Dan is the metronome, responsible for keeping it all together while slipping in tom fills that defy gravity.

Strawman is determined, talented, and ready. Have a listen for yourself.

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