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$traw takes the glitzy and glamorous personification of the Las Vegas lifestyle and lyrically brings it to life. He has the charm and charisma that keeps the ladies crying for more and the game that keeps the industry icons on their toes.


Founder and President of D-Blocc Records, Robert Strawder A.K.A $traw Tha Vegas Don, has established himself as one of the leading forces of Hip Hop to come out of Las Vegas. A gifted performer and writer, this hard hitting M.C. grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in South Central, Los Angeles. At an early age, Straw was well educated in LA's notorious street life. In an attempt to provide a safer environment, $traw's family moved to Las Vegas only to find that LA's gang culture had migrated there.

Through time, $traw caught the eye of LA producer, Peter January, who helped him see another side of life. Taking control over his music early on, allowed $traw to build Vegas' first black owned commercial studio, Blakkhouse Studios. With a firm grip on the rap industry, in 1999, $traw then started DBlocc Records, a network of artists that are true to their craft and each other.

The DBlocc Records movement has been gaining momentum. Currently, $traw is amongst a handful of unsigned artists to appear in The Source, Vibe, Spin and Blender magazines as a result of his relationship with iriver, the emerging global leader in delivering advanced portable digital audio devices. $traw's freshman release "Livin' in the Negative" sold 10,000 units to date. The single "City to City", featuring Shock G of Digital Underground sold 3,500 units. $traw's innovative and creative lyrics have caught the attention of artists such as Mr. Cheeks, Tupac's Outlawz and Spice1, who all appear on "Mouthpiece Game Rules: Part 1", his sophmore album is to be released in 2006.

"Mouthpiece Game Rules: Part 1" will certify $traw as Vegas' most preeminent lyrical exports. $traw praises the artists on his new project, "Everyone treated this project like their own." With lyrics and concepts that appeal to hardcore rap lovers across the world, his rhymes showcase his ability to weave vivid tales of urban life with great clarity, depth and precision.

Through his tenacity and unmatched ability to recognize what works, $traw has added businessman to his portfolio. $traw has mastered the gift of brokering strategic partnership. Utilizing his versatility and sense of style, this savvy businessman landed a modeling contract with iRiver America Corporation, which escalated into an endorsement deal and ad campaigns cross promoting the release of "Mouthpiece Game Rules: Part 1", along with iRiver's lastest MP3's and multimedia players.

Today $traw's contacts and relationships remain part of the company's moral fiber. Future plans for this Vegas Don include mentoring and motivating Las Vegas inner city youth through his music and non-profit organization, "Take the Blocc Bacc. "

For more info on $traw
visit www.dbloccrecords.com
For interviews and appearances
please call Robert Strawder 702-358-6915


Livin in the Negative 2001
10,000 Sold
City To City Single 2003
Featuring Humpty
3,500 Sold
Mouthpiece Game Rules 2006

Mouthpiece Game Rules
Available at
Tower Records in LA and Vegas
VIP Records in LA
Kip's Records Arcade Cincinnati, Ohio
Everybody's Records Cincinnati, Ohio
Vince Morton's Records Cincinnati, Ohio

Set List

Songs From Mouthpiece Game Rules
30 minutes
1 hour