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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | SELF

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | SELF
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"Coach House Preview (Jan 10, 2008)"

Former Something Corporate drummer Brian Ireland rocks again with Streamline
The Dana Point resident and his new band will perform Jan. 11 in at the Coach House.

Brian Ireland is no stranger to success, having served as one of the founding members and the full-time drummer of Dana Point-based Something Corporate during the band's successful run from 1998 to 2004.

Now, Ireland is once again in the spotlight thanks to Streamline.

Something Corporate was a winning, alternative rock band fronted by Andrew McMahon (now leader of the successful Jack's Mannequin) that found favor with a mostly teenage and early-twenties crowd.

Streamline, however, is aiming for discerning listeners of all ages.

Songs such as the infectious "All I Need" and driving "Higher" from the group's recently-issued debut have the accessible sound charted by recent tastemakers such as John Mayer and Maroon 5. Other strong songs on the band's heartfelt release include "Flicker" and "The Only Thing That Matters."

In a recent phone interview, Ireland said he is excited to perform and be a full-time member of Streamline during Something Corporate's continuing hiatus.

"Really, we're still together. I'm close with all the guys," said Ireland, noting he recently got together with McMahon. "Jack's Mannequin came out at a time when morale (in Something Corporate) was low. We had been touring four plus years. But we're all still really close and everything is good amongst us."

The good news for fans of Ireland's strong skills behind a drum kit is he is bringing that same energy and enthusiasm to Streamline. That rock quintet performs at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Jan. 11.

In addition to Ireland, Streamline also includes singer-guitarist Mike Hogan, keyboardist-vocalist Jon Scholl, bassist John Viavattine and guitarist Brad Ourso.

It was Ireland's high-profile role in Something Corporate that ultimately led to his joining Streamline in December 2006.

Ireland recalled he was just as he was arriving on the first day of recording drum tracks for Something Corporate guitarist William Tell's 2007 solo debut "You Can Hold Me Down" when he ran into Hogan and Scholl as they were leaving the studio.

"They knew who I was. Later they phoned me at the studio and asked if I would sit in and do a drumming session. … It was for 'All I Need.' I was so impressed with them. They are great players and have a real sensibility for music."

Ireland is back to where he was a decade ago, when Something Corporate was just a largely-unknown outfit writing and rehearsing songs, as well as out playing daytime gigs at colleges and nights at small clubs.

"For me, it doesn't matter if you are playing in front of 2,000 or 20 people, it's all the same," Ireland said.

Streamline was originally launched out of upstate New York, but is now based in Los Angeles. Ireland, 27, still lives in Dana Point. He noted Streamline went on several tours earlier this year and has a strong fan base in Baton Rouge; Streamline is tentatively planning on relocating to Louisiana to take advantage of fan support in that region to nurture the band.

"It's definitely still fun," Ireland said of playing in a band full-time. "I learned a lot from that experience (playing with Something Corporate)."
- OC Register

"Streamline Review (March 1, 2006)"

Rochester's Streamline burns like a quiet storm. Its groove-rock music is melodious and mellow. But it's the edgy urgency in singer Mike Hogan's voice and subtle horsepower under the hood that reveals a band that, though acoustically rooted and pleasant, can get down when the time is right and the going gets rockin'. "Like John Mayer with balls," to quote the late, great UnkleRog. And well, that's good enough for me.

Frank De Blase, City Newspaper, Rochester, NY, March 1, 2006 - City Newspaper (Rochester, NY)

"From stream to city (Jan 26, 2006)"

A cross-country road trip is a rite of passage for any young adult trying to find himself -- in the movies, at least. For the New York-based band Streamline, going cross-country during the summer of 2005 was all business.

The band, formed that summer in Rochester, spent last summer in Seattle and Los Angeles, recording at famous studios with industry professionals such as Brian Ireland (Something Corporate) before heading back east to play shows at colleges across the coast.

Streamline guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Mike Hogan, 21, describes his band's continental trek, during which he and two other members drove through 19 states while crammed into a Ford Windstar with all of their equipment, as a fun experience.

"We took our time going out," he says. "We got there on the fourth day; we stopped at a bunch of places. It was a good time. But the ride back wasn't as fun."

The members of Streamline got their feet wet when they entered a radio station-sponsored "battle of the bands" and won a spot opening for Lit in a Rochester charity festival in 2004.

Not too shabby for the band's second show.

With a start like that, it makes sense that the band's members have left school and relocated to New York City to pursue the band full-time.

"This [band stuff] started getting pretty crazy," Hogan says. "We were coming down to New York quite a bit. It made more sense to relocate down here and really take a shot at it, so that's what we've been doing."

Hogan describes the band's sound as somewhere between Dave Matthews and Matchbox 20 with a unique live show.

"We try to take it to the next level live," he says. "On the recordings we have more of a mainstream sound, but live we really take songs in different directions. There's more embellishment of the songs. We jam them out a little bit, make them a little more interesting."

Streamline's college tour continues, stopping at BU Central on Saturday, Jan. 28 with The Alternate Routes. Doors open at 8:30 p.m.
- The Daily Free Press (Boston University)

"Full Review: Streamline Self-Titled EP"

Hands down this is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard this year. This band can only go up from here and with this much talent it won’t be long before you can say, you knew about them first to your friends.

Streamline fits in the same genre with other bands like Train, John Mayer, Matchbox 20, and other similar artists. The band plays a soulful rock that floats on a melody so finely crafted that was clearly aimed at your ear.

“All I Need” jumps right into the song with a good taste of what you are in for with the rest of the songs. By the end of the song I was thinking that it was probably going to be my favorite. “Higher” is slower getting to the point but by the time the first chorus is over I had already changed this to my favorite song.

The guitar work on the album is impressive to say the least. Songs like “Flicker” and “Meaning of Life” show it off the best, although all the songs benefit from it. The EP is pretty well recorded and proves that releasing music as an independent band doesn’t mean your stuff can’t be high quality sounding.

Bands in this “mainstream” genre seem to be picked up by record labels and are on the radio before you get a chance to support their independent career. Here is your chance to get behind a band that deserves all the support they can get. -

"Streamline to perform two more shows"

Special to
Published: Jun 27, 2007

Although only their first time to perform in Louisiana as a band, Streamline, a pop rock group based in Rochester, N.Y., made the most of their visit. Thanks to guitar player Brad Ourso who is originally from Baton Rouge, the band booked five shows in Louisiana over a two-week period. Four of the shows were scheduled in Baton Rouge.

“Brad had a relationship with the clubs, because he was in a couple of bands here [35 Zero, and guest appearances with Same Difference, Joel Cooper],” Mike Hogan, lead vocalist and guitar player for Streamline, said. “When we were booking the tour, he called a bunch of people he knew to book shows. We wanted to get as many shows as we could, and we ended up getting five. We’re very fortunate.”

Ourso, however, was the last member to officially join the band. The roots of Streamline were established with Hogan and Jon Scholl (keyboards) nearly four years ago.

“Jon, the keyboard player, and I started playing in a band together about 10 years ago. I was 13 at the time,” Hogan recalled. “We did that through high school and my first year of college. Then we decided to go on our own.”

Dis-harmony was the name of the original band with which Hogan and Scholl performed. Hogan said their reason for breaking away to form a new band was because of commitment.

“The other guys [in Dis-harmony] weren’t really looking to do music as a career so they all went on to get jobs and are doing other things now,” Hogan said. “None of them are playing music anymore.”

Once the decision was made to form a new project, the task of finding “like-minded” musicians began.

“We thought this was the time to act if we wanted to pursue music,” Hogan explained. “Jon met our bassist [John Viavattine], who worked at a music store. Jon brought him a recording and some of our songs and asked if he wanted to play some shows. He’s been with us for three years now.”

And then there were three.

Now seeking a drummer and additional guitar player, the trio decided to take things a step further and headed to Seattle.

“We saved up and drove from Rochester to Seattle,” Hogan recalled. “We did a good bit of writing there.”

They spent a month in the city, and although they enjoyed the experience, they decided to keep pushing till they landed in Los Angeles.

“That’s where we met our current drummer [Brian Ireland],” Hogan said. “We did some recording with him, but then we went back to New York, because I was enrolled to go to college. I ended up leaving the school two weeks in.”

The original trio -- Hogan, Scholl and Viavattine -- packed their things once again and headed back to L.A. This time, the move was permanent.

Upon arriving back in the city, they contacted Ireland and made him the newest official member of Streamline.

Eventually Ireland moved into an apartment with Hogan and Scholl. At the time Ireland was dating the singer for a band named On the Surface. Her band was in the process of auditioning for a new guitar player.

“I ended up filling in for them and playing some shows with them [while they were holding auditions],” Hogan said. “Brad auditioned for [On the Surface], and I played a few shows with him. We had a strong chemistry together from the start, so we decided a couple of months ago to add him [to Streamline].”

And thus the band was fully formed. Since adding Ourso, Streamline completed their debut, self-titled, seven-track EP.

“This is our first release with the five of us,” Hogan explained. “It’s somewhere between Dave Matthews and Matchbox 20. We get that comparison a lot.

“Our sound is more reminiscent of what was popular in the early ’90s. It’s very college-oriented.”

Now embarked on their first major tour to support the EP, so far they have no complaints. Since arriving in Louisiana Streamline has performed two shows in Baton Rouge. The first was a headlining spot at The Varsity Theatre and then as the opening band at The Caterie.

For everyone except Ourso, this tour is the first time any of the other members have performed in the South.

“We’re all from New York, and we’ve been performing in the Northeast area. We haven’t gotten the opportunity to play down here, so it’s been a nice experience,” Hogan said. “It’s our first time to get a sense of the culture, and it’s been great. We’ve been able to do a few things we haven’t done before, and we’re really enjoying ourselves.”

From their first crawfish boil to spending time cannoning at a bayou camp, Streamline found themselves in an entirely new world.

“It’s broadened our horizons,” Hogan said. “Ideally we’d like to be on the road through Christmas and just play all over the place.”

You can catch Streamline at North Gate Tavern on Wednesday, June 27 and then again at The Roux House on Thursday, June 28.

For more information about Streamline, visit their MySpace page at

- The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA


Streamline self-titled EP- released May 2007
Streamline "The Alchemist and the Arsonist" EP- released April 2009



Since its inception, Streamline has been more than the average rock band. Their philosophy is simple and effective, make music that is relevant to everyone. The goal of the group is to establish a profound, intimate, symbiotic relationship with their listeners and develop a community connected through music. Their aim is to create a sound that is truly demographic-less, multigenerational and all-appealing. The band’s honesty and integrity set them apart from other contemporary artists and is undoubtedly part of the reason their music seems to resonate so deeply in listeners.

Streamline began when singer/guitarist Mike Hogan and keyboardist Jon Scholl endeavored upon a new project with heaps of passion and heads full of big ideas. The sound was further refined with the addition of bass prodigy John Viavattine, whose unique playing style gave the group’s songs new life. But it wasn’t until veteran drummer Brian Ireland (Something Corporate) and guitarist Brad Ourso signed on to the project that the band really felt complete. With its newly formed line-up, the band hit the studio to lay down a demo for a meeting with Sony Records. The result was a completed version of the song ‘All I Need’ which sparked a great deal of industry interest and international buzz as the it went on to become most played song on Myspace for six days in a row, remaining in the top 10 for several weeks following. By this point it became evident that this band was something worth paying attention to.

Mercyhurst College
"Mercyhurst College loves having Streamline perform. The band always brings in a large
crowd with people singing and dancing.”
- Laura Hearn, SAC Chair, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA

"Streamline is truly a one-of-a-kind band. The members love to perform and really care about
their music, and those qualities can be seen on stage. The songs are great and have a great
rhythm and simply amazing lyrics."
-Jessica Lamb, Student Government, SAC member, Student Ambassador, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA

“Possessing the right amount of grit and groove mixed into their style of rock this band should definitely be on more people’s radar.”
-The Album Project
“…beautiful, outstanding, very unique, sounds awesome. What a voice! I love it. “
-Carlson & McKenzie, On Air Personalities, WDPH