Sean MacLean along with brothers Jeff and Justin Fulford formed the Streamlined in 2005. Streamlined have dedicated themselves to a triumphant rock sound. Their music is constantly progressing and changing with their goal of creating innovative and timeless music.


While all three members come from very different musical backgrounds, they join forces to create a one of a kind unity of sound. Now, stronger than ever and ready to erupt, Streamlined is breaking out of the box. With influences from Queens of the Stone Age, Sound Garden, Rush, Foo Fighters, Minor Threat, Postal Service and others. Streamlined's sound is massive and contagious to say the least.


Singles: "Suicide Bomber", "Let Down" and "In Pieces"
CD: "The World Makes You Open Your Eyes"
Streaming Tracks:,
CBC Radio 3/Streamlined

Set List

30 min to 90 minute: Most of the time the sets are completely original. In some venues the band mixes covers to suit the audience.