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Hailing originally from Manchester, NH, STREAMLINE brings a fresh sound to the ears of music lovers everywhere. If you are craving something new and contrary to the cookie cutter pop/rock band industry, look no further. Within the first snare hit of “Kiss for the Camera (Track 1),” listeners can easily feel the white knuckle roller coaster ride that swells with emotion on every passing second.

Each song from their new album “Full Circle” is beautifully crafted and describes a chapter in life that we can all relate to. Whether it’s letting go of the person of your dreams, grieving for someone who has passed on, or trying to find common with a person who you thought you were nothing alike, STREAMLINE has a knack for bringing it all into focus again.

“We’ve been working on this album for a long time now and we can finally say that we are ready. What we have loved so much and worked on so hard is finally going to reach the ears of the rest of the world. We couldn't be happier about it,” says drummer Nick Drouin (aka “Pockets,” as he is known to the rest of the band and their fans).

“Full Circle” speaks for itself, but Streamline’s live shows bring an even more exciting element to the table. From the massive amounts of energy, to the flashy drum stick twirls, and even a spoken joke thrown in here or there, it is easy to see that the boys of the band love what they do and their audience loves them back. - CDBABY.NET


"Full Circle" - 2008
11 song debut album.

"SAMPLER" - 2006
3 Song Demo




STREAMLINE started with Casey Myers and Nick (Pockets) Drouin . Like most musicians, they had one goal in mind: Sharing their music with the world. Needing a guitarist and a vocalist to complete the project they started looking for other members to bring other complimentary elements to the band.

Soon after, they discovered the musical styling of their current lead guitarist, Justin Thomas. Since the moment Justin stepped in the room and hooked in his old Ibanez guitar, the two knew that he was the right choice. His choice of riffs and distinctly original chord work was enough to open anyone's ear. Shockingly he had never taken a lesson in his life.

The three quickly became close friends and after many days writing without lyrics/melodies, they decided that it was about to to set out on that arduous process that is finding a vocalist.

After trying out countless singers, they still had not found the right match. The three had grown tired and weary of playing alone. In fact, there was talks about letting it all go. Finally, after a long list of potentials and let downs, they decided to try out one more singer at the suggestion of a mutual friend. Kevin Laurencelle came in to complete the project.

Writing their first few songs "Walk Right Through Me," (not recorded) and "Signs," the band quickly starting picking up momentum and playing on the local Manchester NH circuit.

Now with their debut full length album, "FULL CIRCLE," released in June 2008, STREAMLINE is on the rise and taking their music to new heights. A national tour will be coming soon, and dates are soon to be booked.

STREAMLINE are some of the hardest working individuals, and absolutely adore their fans.