From center NH, STREAMLINE is a culmination of many different types of music, primarily in the rock genre, but catering to many different tastes. STREAMLINE has a killer sound that is destined for the mainstream spotlight. They already have developed a following and can draw wherever we play.


STREAMLINE started with Casey Myers and Nick (Pockets) Drouin . Like most musicians, they had one goal in mind: Sharing their music with the world. Needing a guitarist and a vocalist to complete the project they started looking for other members to bring other complimentary elements to the band.

Soon after, they discovered the musical styling of their current lead guitarist, Justin Thomas. Since the moment Justin stepped in the room and hooked in his old Ibanez guitar, the two knew that he was the right choice. His choice of riffs and distinctly original chord work was enough to open anyone's ear. Shockingly he had never taken a lesson in his life.

The three quickly became close friends and after many days writing without lyrics/melodies, they decided that it was about to to set out on that arduous process that is finding a vocalist.

After trying out countless singers, they still had not found the right match. The three had grown tired and weary of playing alone. In fact, there was talks about letting it all go. Finally, after a long list of potentials and let downs, they decided to try out one more singer at the suggestion of a mutual friend. Kevin Laurencelle came in to complete the project.

Writing their first few songs "Walk Right Through Me," (not recorded) and "Signs," the band quickly starting picking up momentum and playing on the local Manchester NH circuit.

Now with their debut full length album, "FULL CIRCLE," released in June 2008, STREAMLINE is on the rise and taking their music to new heights. A national tour will be coming soon, and dates are soon to be booked.

STREAMLINE are some of the hardest working individuals, and absolutely adore their fans.


Kiss for the Camera

Written By: Streamline

Flash flash click click you're the attraction of the night you're a
pretty little headfuck in your deviated right rolling out the carpet to
let you paint it red you are controlled by the media and everything they
say and I know that you need this I know that you've changed when you
wake up try to remember that this isn't real life we know you're fake
and you'll try to convince the world you're the same your reflection is
blinding you smile you wave blow a kiss for the camera three cheers to
you and all the dollars that you've made the magazines that you once
covered have all been thrown away the story is true its not hard to see
the movie is never as good as the trailer makes it to be and maybe
they'll see what their baby has done another angel face trapped in
Hollywood go ahead and close your eyes escape pick and choose your
battles now play their game is this what you wanted a life filled with
fortune and fame? If you can find a way out run away

A for Intervention (Surrender)

Written By: Streamline

Story of a broken girl chapters are written on her sleeve all she wanted
was the love just needed someone to believe losing control in herself
she see's how evil life can be addiction drains her inhibition and to it
she must concede she breaks down she cries out for someone to believe
she opens up to me says this life is not worth living now for anybody
and if I could only press repeat I would go go back and surrender living
in her lonely world the drug remains a quick release but this high
isn't enough and if she can find the strength now to fight her way out
then she'll be set free she breaks down she's crying out for someone I'm
done when's the last time you felt this good ? You're giving up if you
walk away so disconnect yourself and find your place its not too late

The Costume

Written By: Streamline

These tears seem to compliment your eyes it's unveiling your disguise
you unwind tonight I will leave behind all the time you've borrowed do
you remember all the games you played all the lies you spread well I do
now and I'm still here ill be alright I'm stronger than you'll ever be
shed those tears you'll be alright but the costume won't hide your
disease your fears seem to complicate your mind and your taking up my
time its alright and I will reunite all the loved you've left behind
well I remember all the games you played all the lies you spread well do
you now keep holding on until you let go is that how you want this to


Written By: Streamline

Taking the long way home maybe I'll take your road I've never been here
alone and I know you're alive but you might as well die to me and you
think you know you carry a fuse about to explode never thought so soon
you're like a timebomb igniting while I'm gone you're like a timebomb it
was a matter of time before you're gone said that you care too much you
need to be more selfish you're an all or nothing kind of girl and
between me and nothing your choice left me gasping for air timebomb have
I set you off if you can just run away like you did this couldn’t be
love I don't care it's all lies this fantasy feeling that you
constructed take it with you cause none of it's mine

Yesterday's News

Written By: Streamline

There was a time when your call made me weak but now when you call you
will get my machine so if you thought I'd wait just cause you call me
love open your hands and catch a glimpse of what you've got now and if
you leave then you'll see your mistakes and you need me so don't worry
about me for I'll be strong you're yesterdays news this was never your
song there was a time when your call made my week but all that is left
of us is something you can't see don't worry about me ill be fine on my
own when you turn around this time and I'm gone I'm gone


Written By: Streamline

I heard all about it you're taking the next train away from here and
you're not coming back an awkward silence whispers are fading without a
trace and there's no turning back and I know this time we've crossed
that line and some things are not worth the fight it's the battle the
battle we both knew we'd lose but I couldn't give you the life you
wanted no I had a feeling but now I've lost it there's no fire burning
from within and the taste of you was my sweetest sin you're my dreamed
up forgotten friend now that you're gone pictures are empty
without your face and things don't feel the same we can never make
things right again and every story has an end do you ever do you ever
think of me

Stages of Grief

Written By: Streamline

He entered the white of a cold sterile room an all too familiar scene
look and mood he listened to doctors as they justify the reasons he
won't live to see twenty-five he fought back the tears as he asked why
he watched as his peers could plan their dreams while he's left to ask
why'd this happen to me what have I done that my life shall not be why
now why me so now he must plan down to his final hour what must he
accomplish attain carry out friends say he'll be fine but what do they
know his heart races now is he to die alone he choked on the pain as he
asked why these are the stages of grief we choke on the pain as we ask


Written By: Streamline

You’d take from the core expect me to stand in line for you can’t take anymore can’t take all the things you put me through and I’m tired and torn Broken beaten down and worn but I’ve waited for too long waiting for a sign I’ll be here when you’re gone but this is the last time you push me away; away from the life that we once knew and I’m breaking the chains and moving on to something new still tired and torn broken beaten down and worn and now I’ve been left with so much pain


Written By: Streamline

I wanted something that we couldn’t have we’re kept in the past but you’ll save me for last the truth will unfold how I’m growing old to take in the cold or to be left alone she slams the door as she falls to the floor she wants to give up but it’s never enough to let me go she has to know we’re running in circles and I can’t ignore I want to meet you half way is it worth it to start again so hard to please keeping me on the side so hard to define how we seem to collide reflections are fading and we’re loosing time it’s all in your mind as we’re falling behind a picture you painted has now gone away I can’t seem to erase the portrait portrayed she’s letting me go I’m letting her know that we’re letting go don’t go don’t go…


"Full Circle" - 2008
11 song debut album.

"SAMPLER" - 2006
3 Song Demo


Set List

Typical 40 min Set:
Yesterday's News
A for Intervention
Take Flight
Who Knew (Cover by Pink)
Kiss for the Camera
The Costume