Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness


Stream of Consciousness are a progressive metal band from Birmingham, Alabama. Their debut album Awakening is an unabashed rock opera concept album featuring spellbinding orchestration executed with passion and precision. Fans of Pain of Salvation and Symphony X will not be disappointed.


Stream of Consciousness is a progressive metal band from Birmingham, Alabama. Their rhythmically complex and heavily orchestrated sound draws inspiration from bands like Pain of Salvation and Symphony X. Sara Chesler and Steven Lamphear share vocal duties and lock in the low end of the sonic spectrum (Sara plays a 5-string bass and Steven plays a 12-string Chapman Stick), while the incredible guitar playing of Wade Beevers and the intricate drumming of Jon Bernreuter provide heavy grooves and impressive displays of instrumental prowess.

Their debut album Awakening is a narrative concept album based on the loss and resurgence of knowledge through time. The lush string accompaniment is faithfully recreated live with the Chapman stick and MIDI technology, allowing a 4-piece rock band to play the role of a full orchestra in real time.

The band is currently playing showing in the southeastern United States in support of Awakening while preparing to record the followup disc.


Awakening - 2006 - LP
Singles: "The Prophecy" picked up by WBHM's Tapestry program

Into Oblivion - 2006 - EP

Set List

The Prophecy
The Face of Madness
At a Time Like This
In Memoriam (Soliloquy)
To Nothing (Soliloquy)
The Waking Dream
When Tomorrow Finds Us Gone
Into Oblivion

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