An original style STREET BLUES's music is at the crossroads of the Black American & Polish cultures that surely have much in common & the French influence. This melting of energy & subtlety makes their music thrill with a creeping and restrained rage, this blues can not in any case leave indiffere.


Krzysztof Majchrzak :

Musician, Composer , Producer, Artistic Director of Indianapolis Studio", Artistic Director of "Jazz Urbain Festival " Krzysztof Majchrzak was born in Poland, permanently lives in France. Bass virtuoso, inventor of his own unique sounds, master of improvisation at prepared bass .
Coming from Czestochowa (Poland) he learned double bass at the National Music Academy. Author, composer, performer he has developed a refined style that has enabled him to play with the most importants Polish groups : Tie Break, New Jazz Band, Sunset, Symphonie Sound Orchestra, Labirynt featuring well known Polish musicians such as H. Gembalski, T. Szkalski, M. Zduniak, W. Kiniorski, J.Y. Iwanski, J. Smietana, R. Styla, A. Przybielski, M. Popieszalski, S. Sojka, K. Debski.... His talent also has allowed him to share the stage with people like E. Howell, T Bergeron, R. Hollander, W. Lang, Laurent Lévesque, Stéphane Lambert, Pascal Boudrault, and Philippe Garcia. His name thus has appeared on several albums that were recorded in Europe and the USA. He left Poland and met in France Tomasz Dziano during the "Jazz à Vienne Festival". Beyond their different musical backgrounds, they were able to connect around STREET BLUES's soul. From then on, his energy and generosity on stage, together with his improvisation skills, have brought a rare freshness to their blues. His very personal play, without denying his rhythmic function, highlights the vocals and guitar and is one of the key elements composing the band's musical flavour
He's led and confounded many musical projects, as LABIRYNT , GEMBALSKI - MAJCHRZAK - ZDUNIAK, STREET BLUES , DUNE, LONELY KOSMIKS , TIE BREAK, SUNSET, MAJCHRZAK PROJEKT, NEW JAZZ BAND,SYMPHONIC SOUND ORCHESTRA,Edgar Ravahatra Group, D.Y.M. , TOURMALINE, Exagere-Moi-Ensemble, LES LAST X, Grand Duc, Mohican, Z'Ebra, Poesique, l' O.G.R.E., Tom Bergeron QUARTET, M.G.B. Orchestra, Trio YMG.
Participated in tours and festivals in Poland, France, United States, Canada, Germany like "Montreal Jazz Festival", "N ancy Jazz Pulsations", "Festival d'éte in Quebec City" ,"Jazz Jamboree", "Jazz nad Odra", "Garden Blues", "Jazz a Vienne", "Francofolie French music festival in La Rochelle" .... invited "Jazz Festival Leverkusen", "Jazz Festival Bolzano"....
He took part in concerts organized by France Musique, France Inter, Radio France Internationale and Europe1 , and even appeared in a TV5 Canadian TV show and in USA television program/podcast for PJJ-TV in Portland

Tomasz DZIANO - voc, guitar

He was born in Lodz (Poland) and has practised music from an early age and eventually became a professional. He discovered blues in Poland where, despite communism, blues and jazz were widely popular. Even if, at that time, he had to boil his guitar strings to clean them, for want of getting any new ones, he remained faithful to the great masters of blues. As author, composer and performer he was influenced especially by John Lee Hooker, whose repertoire he has at his fingertips, and by Otis Rush. The band was built around his warm voice and his intense way of playing the guitar. As comfortable in solo with his guitar, in the great tradition of Juke Joint, as with the band, his style has stirred the blood of audiences in the various countries he has visited. His music owes as much to his personal and Poland's history as to his encounters with many blues-men he has played with in Europe and also in the USA.

They used to play with STREET BLUES:

Philippe "Pipon" Garcia, Henryk Gembalski, Tom Bergeron, Magic Slim, John Primer, Earl Howel, Manu Galvin, Jean Jacques Milteau, Janusz "Yanina" Iwanski, Fred Brousse, Manu Leger, Stephane Ranaldi, "Kouki" Portelano, Marek Marszalek, Franck Chiesa , Mel Brown



Set List

1. You have no mercy 3'32
2. Prodigal son 3'56
3. 335 4'59
4. Flight 4'33
5. Funky August 3'48
6. Standing by the way side 4'32
7. Sleepless night 6'10
8. Dying man's blues 2'46
9. It serves me right to suffer/ I will never get out... (medley) 7'25