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street called Straight

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Richmond, Virginia, United States
Band Christian Blues


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A fusion of rock intermingled with the flavors of gospel, soul, funk, blues, and jazz.

For many people, music is a language that speaks to the soul. And for this unconventional group of musicians from the Richmond, Virginia area, music has become the primary language they use to fulfill a spiritual calling: namely, their desire to worship God.

In a day and age when so-called spiritual remedies are sought after for everything from stress relief to spa treatments, the five gentlemen... who make up the new band, street called Straight are quick to admit that their mission may be easy to overlook by todays secular audiences. But make no mistake these men are Christians, and they play music as an offering to their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Even more unusual, much of the music theyve woven together could hardly be called standard Christian church music. Pulling together a provocative assortment of genres and influences, their style might be described as a fusion of rock intermingled with the flavors of gospel, soul, funk, blues, and jazz. The five men compose a group that includes a vocalist, two edgy electric guitars, an electric bass, drums, and keyboards.

Their sound would fit right in at an R & B festival, in a classic Rock concert venue, or even in a smoky, late night jazz and blues club. Their sound certainly doesnt create the type of mental association that folks would quickly make with a Jesus Band.

And thats exactly what they want.

The five men who make up street called Straight are not your typical rock star wannabes. In fact, as grown men with families, they feel like theyve been there and done that in the search for fame and fortune. Each is at a place in his life where he values service namely, service to God, and service to his fellow man, over serving his own ego. These artists want to be in a position where they can take their message to a place where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not always understood and not always readily embraced.

Perhaps that type of outreach appeals to them for a reason. Granted, theyre the first to admit that they make an odd combination. But the first time they played together, they began to sense a connection.

What about their name, street called Straight? Where did that come from?

Its straight out of the Holy Bible, Acts 9:11 one of them explains. After the crucifixion of Jesus, the religious authorities wanted to make sure any remaining Christians were rounded up and killed off. They didnt want that troublemaker Jesus to have any lingering influence. So a guy named Saul was on his way to the city of Damascus, essentially to engage in what we would nowadays compare to ethnic, or religious cleansing. But something happened along the way. By the time Saul got to Damascus, he was blind, broken, helpless, and on the verge of death. But God sent a messenger to him, and he was healed. And that was it. That was the first day when even the most vile, guilty, and evil person learned he could be redeemed through Christ. It happened at a house in Damascus, on a street thats still there today a street called Straight.

Sylvester "Boston" Allen - Bass Guitar
Tom Ball - Drums & Vocals
Bill O'Brien - Vocals & Guitar
Steve Perez - Keyboards
Greg Saunders - Lead Guitar

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