Street Hero

Street Hero

 New York City, New York, USA


“Street Hero are more than a cute outfit, they über-talented mega-driven musicians. Their unique fusion of electro rock and soul is perfectly organic to Brooklyn and perfectly catchy in a I-gotta-dance-to-this-shit kinda way.” Spank Magazine

Street Hero released their demo EP “Dim Ho” late last fall and quickly caught the attention of many new fans. They had over 1000 downloads in the first week after release and have gained over 5000 fans in the short time since then…..all by self-promotion and word of mouth. They are currently mixing their full-length album, which is due out late summer 2010. Their live performances are true to their recordings, a distinctive mix of high-energy dance rock, modern rhythms and electro-soul. Cyrus’ vocals are unique and instantly recognizable sometimes evoking elements of Gnarl’s Barkley’s Cee-Lo.

The upcoming full-length album reveals a fascination with the city’s vanishing underbelly. Wryly and humorously telling stories like “Bitches And Gravy”, about a restaurant that is really a cover for a thriving brothel. “End of the World”, which details the progress of a nun who loses her faith and finds herself involved in a world of drugs and sex. “Brooklyn Boys” and “City of Diamonds” are about NYC’s culture of ambition.

Street Hero began with the collaboration of Cyrus Baty and Eric White after they met in Brooklyn in Spring 2009. They wrote and recorded the bulk of the album before Angelo Tursi joined the group. Angelo added his rock sensibilities to Eric and Cyrus’ soul and electro styled songs. Recently multi-instrumentalist Shane LaRue has joined the band, rounding it out with his own versatile creativity.

Prior to their upcoming release they will start their PR campaign with Ariel Publicity. They have done well by themselves with blog reviews etc, but Ariel’s firm has more time and all appropriate resources to get Street Hero the attention that they deserve. So be on the lookout. You will be seeing much more of them soon!


Dim Ho (demo) EP fall 2009
Street Hero (full album) Oct 1st 2010