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"'Attack That Gentleman' Single Review"

"This three track throws itself at you like a bug at a window, frantic in all the right places. The pieces are varied but they manage to collide with precision, joined by the well-placed whine of a violin." - Katie Lenanton - Drum Media Australia

"'Attack That Gentleman' Single Review 2"

"What Streetlight have accomplished with their first CD is a gigantic “suck it” to anybody who wished them ill after their win in the West Australian leg of the Next Big Thing competition. The songs on ‘Attack That Gentleman’ contain none of the awkwardness normally associated with the first release of a suddenly high profile band – they are better produced than many works from more established Perth artists and musically they meet the minimum requirements for the band to be taken seriously. It is soundly structured, basically pop but with some gear-shifting bridges to render things interesting: their mashing of Thursday, Nick Cave and Mars Volta worshipping post-punk, post-hardcore psychedelia is pulled off confidently." - Matt Giles - Mess and Noise (

"Amplifier Bar Review"

"Streetlight's shows have been heralded by many as electric. Super-tight and dynamic, the band are a live extravaganza" - Mike Wafer - Xpress Magazine Perth (

"Live Review 2"

"They've mastered their dynamic switching from quiet, breathy vocal moments to fast and furious rock in a matter of seconds. Original, interesting to watch and a general bundle of energy worth keeping an eye on." - Sarah Delafante - Drum Media Australia

"Single Launch Live Review Dec '06"

"The band looked very comfortable playing together, again giving off an air of excitement or nervousness that kept them together; bouncing notes and ideas off one another in real-time. To say Streetlight are tight is to state the obvious, but this performance revealed what is actually behind it: a tightness between the members themselves. Some bands look like a bunch of people playing in the same space, while others look like they all belong together. Streetlight definitely proved themselves to be the latter.
The band appear to be diversifying (or at least personalising) their sound as they go along, already having made massive leaps forward in one year. Add to the band’s interest in their own music the obvious punter interest in the band, and this launch looks highly likely to be but one success of many more to come. - Mike Wafer - Xpress Magazine Perth (

"Next Big Thing 2006 Heat 1 Review"

"Streetlight were far and away the best band of the night, and indeed one of best new(ish) bands going around the scene. With obvious Mars Volta influences, their progressive-post-hardcore mash of styles was executed perfectly by six members all in tune with each other and in tune with the intent of their musical approach. Call it what you want, these guys are unique and have a great sense of drama and melody. They were tight, controlled, powerful and damn inspiring. Ive got my bets on them to take out the eventual NBT crown for this year."
- Steph Edwardes - Rockus Online Magazine (

"Debut Mini Album Review July '07"

"The lights are on, but is anybody home? In relation to Perth sextet Streetlight the answer is a big fat yes.
The self-titled mini album mutates its way through musically layered territory from the preface with 'I Borrowed The Light', where majestic violin pieces and raw string riffs team up with sporadic yet ultra tight drum sections to create a sound that far surpasses that of a band that is in its initial phase of production. Next track in the selection of eight is 'Tokyo Dance Circus'.
After early listens it's backbreaking not to sit; close you're eyes and hear a slight twinge of Robert Smith's vocal melodrama in vocalist's Le Craft's drones, however he manages to carry it off with vocal swagger that at times delves into rockier territory than anything The Cure could have ever mustered.
Previously released debut single 'Attack That Gentleman' is the standout track of the CD for me. Once again the flawless violin element provides a sound that will have you perplexed yet still managing to find the means to dance around in a euphoric uplifting stupor. All in all, my opinion is this: if these guys don't let the fact that they have a bulging suitcase full of talent get to their heads then the name Streetlight will be ever associated for proving why Perth bands can cut the proverbial mustard with anybody in the business."

- Drum Media - Perth - Craig Hollywood

"Amplifier 7/7/07"

Streetlight appeared not long after and began with an instrumental introduction to prepare the crowd for the show that was to follow. Beginning with hit track Sunshine Apartments, this young group’s relentless energy had the venue packed as everyone crowded to get a glimpse of the high energy performance. Streetlight embodies the sentiment of rockstars so much it’s almost unbelievable no one in the sextet was brutally injured on the confinements of the small stage. The masses could not help but be enthralled by the passion and wondrous stage antics of lead singer Le Craft and how surprisingly well the violin played by Rachael Aqualina could accompany an alternative indie-rock band. Other songs such as Attack That Gentleman proved catchy enough to dance to as it got the crowd moving and as they played their last song of the night, Craft led the band to an exit in a very rockstar fashion, leaving even before the band had finalised, then the remaining members followed one by one.

- Faster Louder

"Cut Off Your Hands 15/9/07"

Streetlight are about as good as Perth can offer when it comes to bands that can turn a live performance into a spectacle. Just as important as their rich, textured art-punk-fusion-whatever music is the visual element of their show, revolving around the unavoidable presence of frontman Le Craft. As his bandmates set the scene with their trademark instrumental curtain raiser, Craft enters the stage maracas in hand, peering out from behind dark sunglasses. And when he drops the maracas and opens his mouth on opening track I Borrowed the Light, he grips the microphone and spits every word out across the crowd like he means it more than anything else.

And the intensity doesn’t drop. They rifle through the bulk of their self-titled mini album, with drummer Chris James calling the shots on every tempo and tone change while Ben Van Grootel (bass) and Jonathan O’Neill (guitars) provide the punch and power behind the epic build-ups that define the Streetlight sound. But what sets Streetlight apart from all the other bands continuing the legacy of At the Drive-in is their careful and precise arrangements, thanks largely to the effects put down by guitarist Karlin Courtney and the dramatic edge you get from Rachael Aquilina on violin. But while all of that comes together to form the band’s sound, it all comes back to that spectacle. Craft switches between maracas and tambourine at will, bouncing between the drum riser to the microphone, off his bandmates and anything in between like a pinball with grace and finesse. There’s a stage invasion on single Attack That Gentleman and a new song on the home straight but it all comes together on final track The Poet’s Paper Boat, which stretches the typical Streetlight build-ups and breakdowns out to extremes leaving every last punter wanting more.

It’s probably worth pointing out right now that Streetlight were the support act.
- Faster Louder

"Debut Mini Album Review"

"Perth’s favourite errant children fall into no category. You could call them post-hardcore, but that wouldn’t really capture their soaring melody lines. ‘New’ New-wave could work, but that wouldn’t do justice to their intense, often discordant guitar work. You could employ the word ‘experimental,’ but that really makes you think of free-form jazz, doesn’t it?
No, the only way to properly explain Streetlight’s sound to someone is to hand them a copy of the new self-titled mini-album. Over the course of eight tracks, this sophomore release (after the single Attack That Gentleman) plunges the listener into the icy depths of Perth’s most talked-about sound. Comparisons to bands such as At The Drive-In and Pretty Girls Make Graves are inevitable, particularly after listening to the raw, frenetic energy of Moon Fever or radio favourite, Sunshine Apartments, but there is more to Streetlight than that. These fervent melees are interspersed with lengthy, cinematic instrumental escapades that bring to mind post-rock masters Mogwai. It is here that the violin really shines, imbuing tracks like The Departure: Part Two with an originality that is sometimes lost in heavier moments.

Moody vocalist Le Craft seems to have borrowed much from 80’s icons such as Morrissey – both in vocal style and in the absence of a first name – and Echo & the Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch. His melodramatic lament can take a little getting used to, but vivid lyrics and extremely emotive delivery force you to love it.

These eight tracks – more than an EP, not quite an album - are a tasty helping, and they give you a tantalising taste of Streetlight’s eclectic sound, leaving you hungry for a full-length."

Alexis Cured


- Forthcoming EP release scheduled for mid-2008 (demo sample available on myspace)
- Debut self titled mini album released through MGM Australia 7/7/07 and on iTunes digitally.
- Debut single, 'Attack That Gentleman' released to critical acclaim in Australia, December 2006.
- 'The Poet's Paper Boat' licensed to MP3 Empowered X-Games Compilation through Sony BMG and Rajon Records in Australia.
- Styrofoam Lovers featured on Van Diemen Records Best of Australian Indie compilation - 2006
- "The Poet's Paper Boat" and "Sunshine Apartments" and 'Attack That Gentleman" have recieved extensive airplay on Australia's national youth radio network, Triple J and RTR FM92.1 and all other major community stations throughout Australia and are available for streaming online at and



Being one of the world's most isolated regions, Perth, Western Australia has developed a unique music scene that cultivates many exotic styles which creatively distinguish artists such as The Sleepy Jackson, Eskimo Joe, Gyroscope and of course, Streetlight.

Since their inception in 2004, Streetlight have solidified their eclectic mash of alternative, rock and experimental leanings into a unique and fresh sound. With a loyal fanbase and a reputation for their electric live shows, 2007 saw Streetlight release their self titled debut mini album through MGM distribution/iTunes, toured nationally and are pleased to have consecutively sold out the five hundred capacity Amplifier Bar in Perth three times. Streetlight have shared the stage with acts such as Youth Group, Operator Please, Van She, Dead Letter Circus, Karnivool, Wolf & Cub, Gyroscope, Behind Crimson Eyes, Birds of Tokyo, Snowman and Lost Valentinos and have played over 100 shows nationally.

2006 in brief:

- Won the Next Big Thing competition statewide in July. (Western Australia)
- The Poet's Paper Boat, Sunshine Apartments and Attack That Gentleman recieving high rotation on RTRFM, airplay on Triple J and other major community radio stations throughout Australia
- Toured Adelaide with Gyroscope in August.
- Supported Snowman, Wolf & Cub and The Valentino's.
- Played over 30 local and interstate shows between May and December.
- Released debut single 'Attack That Gentleman' to a sold-out Amplifier Bar in December.


- Nominated in two categories of the WAMI awards (West Australian Music Industry) 'Favourite Newcomer' and 'Most Promising New Act'
- WAM Regional tour
- Played Big Day Out Converse stage to approx 1000
- Sold out Amplifier Bar for mini album release
- 7/7/07 Released Self titled mini album nationally through MGM
- Completed a successful national tour of Australia (including sold out rocket bar, adelaide)


- Nominated for 'Best Live Act' WAMi Award along with Gyroscope, Karnivool and Snowman.
- Supported Karnivool and Youth Group
- Recording forthcoming EP with Dave Parkin @ Blackbird Studios in April 2008.