Streetlight are a dancy guitar-pop band from Vancouver, Canada. Their sound mixes introspective dance music (New Order, Cut Copy, Whitest Boy Alive) with jangly pop (The Smiths, The Cure, The Kinks). Basil sings in a big romantic croon like Brian Ferry or Thin White Duke-era David Bowie.


Streetlight are a dancy guitar-pop band from Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 2006, the group includes Basil Waugh (voice/guitar), Gavin Busby (guitar/keys), Scott Fogden (drums) and Tyler Wier/Damon Henry (bass).

Their sound mixes the introspective dance music of New Order, Cut Copy and Whitest Boy Alive with the jangly pop of The Smiths, The Kinks and The Cure. With songs about tanlines and steamed-up trousers, Basil sings in a big romantic croon, like Roxy Music's Brian Ferry or Thin White Duke-era David Bowie.

In March 2008, the band self-released their first LP Strange Spells worldwide on iTunes. Thirty-three minutes in length, it ranges from moody disco (first single "Bridges and Buses") and heart-pounding make-out ballads ("Heavy Pets") to windmill-chorded rockers ("Innocent Dreams," "Innuendo") and bouncy sing-alongs ("Working, Stiff," "Boomerangs").

"Bridges and Buses," currently available as a free download, has been featured on CBC Radio One's Hidden Talents segment. Their song "Innocent Dreams" has rocked Vancouver's Only Magazine podcast.

Previous projects? Damon is a former member of defunct post-rock quintet The Beans (Foreverbad, Zulu, Intr.Version Records), which are perhaps best known for their 48-hour performance at Vancouver's Sugar Refinery. Scott plays in folk trio The Solarists (Darling Records) and Gavin played in Vancouver Island punk band Self Exchange (Dark Black Records). Streetlight is Basil's and Tyler's first musical project.

Strange Spells can be purchased on iTunes as a digital download. Vancouver's Contexture Design has also designed a limited-edition pressing of 200 CDs, which can be purchased from the band.

For a free download of “Bridges and Buses,� visit the band’s MySpace or


Strange Spells:
1. Innocent Dreams
2. Working, Stiff
3. Bridges and Buses
4. Innuendo
5. Whiplash Weather
6. Heavy Pets
7. Boomerang

Set List

9 original songs, plus possible covers.
45-60 minutes