Streetlight Cameo

Streetlight Cameo


We are a high energy rock band with killer guitar hooks, unyielding vocals, and a devastating dose of rhythmic audacity


Streetlight Cameo is a band 4 years in the making. Adam, Olus, and Tom were all high school and band buddies throughout their former years. None of them of thought much of making a band together that could take them places until they all joined up to form what is now called Streetlight Cameo. Since then, it has taken sweat and struggle to refine their sound as clean and soulful at the same time as gritty and powerful as possible. Unfortunately, 3 committed musicians were not enough to present the public scene with a truly masterful sound since each musician committed to their art as uncompromising and as dutifully as possible. Enter David, multi-talented, and as committed as the rest of the band, they completed their line-up to start a non-stop saturation on their little city of Salem, OR. Though they all have varying influences (from Fugazi to Dr. Dre; Rage Against the Machine to Alicia Keys), they do have one thing in common and that is to make their music as unforgettable and as powerful as the day it was conceived.


Streetlight Cameo - Identity Incorporated EP

1. Undone
2. Culprit
3. Vanity (Our Single)
4. Build Me Down
5. R.I.P.

Set List

we have a Mad Season cover we do to warm the the audience up and then we go into I Never Come Home, No Meaning, Vanity, If You Please, which are all lighter rock yet still rockin' stuff compared to our next songs which are heavier and darker in tone: Build Me Down, Culprit, and Gopher Hole. Dog's Howl, R.I.P., Undone are still heavy but not as dark though. And then we end with an Alicia keys cover: Fallin' .. We take about an Hour plus.