Streetlight Light

Streetlight Light


"We swore in the streetlight light" A lyric representing a promise made to one another almost two years ago on a darkened rooftop. Since that point we have been writing unique rock songs together are starting to play live more and more frequently.


Streetlight Light is an independent rock band based in Toronto, Ontario. Experimental, pop-, dance-, sax- and poetic have all been used to modify that “rock” tag when labeling the band, and in dizzying combination. This music is:

Experimental since the band strives to incorporate innovative songwriting, arranging, textural and rhythmic ideas within the bounds of memorable, radio-ready pop songs, never restricted by any one mixture of sounds or bankable gimmick; danceable since its disco-, techno-, and jungle-derived grooves incite all within earshot to move; and set apart from the rest by those sultry and searing sounds of alto saxophone in every tune. Add to this lyrics that have a poetic edge on most in the mainstream and you’ve got yourself a thrilling band.

In short, Streetlight Light sounds like Streetlight Light. For those who seek to be moved while they’re moving.


Where We Live

Written By: Streetlight Light

Crane your necks
Rise high your gaze
And watch the green give way to grey
We're living locked in to the grid
Where stress is sex
Cold stares are skin
And you're not alone
Walk with purpose
Never flinch when he's rattling the tin
You've got no time for charity
Beat the street insanity
Or accept defeat
At the hands of your city
Walking a modern battleground
Fed up with time and futurebound
You're not alone in a modern town
You're not alone
But you're unknown
Cops & creeps & coursing heat
The air's a water I can't breathe
And you don't want to walk with me
Still, there's nowhere else I'd rather be
Than this street
In this scene
Stop complaining
Walking a modern battleground
Losing our minds in Sensurround
You're not alone in a modern town
You're not alone
You're unknown
Where do we go?

Forget What You Know

Written By: Streetlight Light

Blood flows between its sources
From one to one
While joining them
From there to then
To here and now
And always continuing on
What do you want me to do?
Tired cardio won't stop the flow
Nor can we hope to know what's passing in between our minds and bodies
What do you want me to do?
In wars and rulings
In thrills
It's coursing through us
Until we forget what we knew
Blood flows between us
Nothing is ever wasted
Nothing tethers us to ground
Let the tides control our moves and how we think everything through
What do you want me to do?
We forget what we knew
Blood flows between us
When life's at its leanest
And your nights are dreamless
The blood flows between us
I know sources merge to make a greater whole
A common goal
So slow
But it comes to shake us to our very souls
We're not very old
But we're fully grown

Heavy Hands

Written By: Streetlight Light

The best and worst of our times
Have rushed past your lips in your life
Now you bluff me to death
Smiling through the lies
I think you're starting to bleed a good man dry
And it scars
Love, we had our fun, but now it scars
I know we've all got our loads to bear these days
But this business is worse than noise complaints
If you're feeling too busy
Don't stay out all night inciting violence of heart
Sparking eyes alight in fast cars
This game of cards couldn't have gone far
I let it go too far
Love, we had our fun, but now it scars
Lover, what you done?
Now I can see through the fog of dying breaths that the sweet spell she conjured is a bust
Here's to throwing them a quarter for every cuss
And all the pretty pennies we've lost in lust
Love, we had our fun, but now it scars
Lover, what you done?

Set List

We have eleven songs currently completed with several more on the way. The song titles are:

A Simple Life
Tall Tall Tales
Heart Goes Out
The Damnables
Faye Simon
Beggars Will Ride
Point Lookout
Heavy Hands
Where We Live
Forget What You Know

Our songs range from 3.5 minutes to 6.5 minutes and our sets last from 40 minutes to 60 minutes