Streetlight Runners

Streetlight Runners

 Pikeville, Kentucky, USA

An interesting blend of folk, indie, and acoustic music with smooth calming vocals.


Band Bio:
The Streetlight Runners came together in early August of 2007. They play an interesting blend of folk, acoustic, and indie music. Original members consist of Brett Ratliff and Joshua Laughlin, who have played in many places across Kentucky and Tennessee. In late 2007, drummer Carl Roberts and Bass player Justin Adams joined the group, giving an even fuller sound to the band. The group is currently looking to record their first full length album.

Location / Fan Base:
Streetlight Runners has mostly played shows in the Jellico, TN, and Corbin, KY, areas. They have a solid fan base there, especially around the University of the Cumberlands area in Williamsburg, KY. Other small fan bases are located in Lexington and Northern, KY, areas. The group promotes its shows through the use of Myspace and Facebook as well as flyer placement.


Fairy Tales

Written By: Streetlight Runners

Girl if life were a fairy tale
You would be the most beautiful
Princess in all the land

Locked in a tower
Hidden in the farthest corners of the earth
Because that’s where beauty goes
Yes that’s where beauty goes

I would not be a night
With his armor shining bright
I’m just a mortal man
Mad with love and without a plan

I would cross a sea
Battle mighty beasts
Walk 10,000 miles
Just to see your smile


Girl if it took me many years
Many fights blood sweat and tears
Would you wait for me
Yes would you wait for me

Or what if I never arrive
Dye in rough waters and sweeping tides
Would you remember me
Save your love for eternity

I would cross a sea
Battle mighty beasts
Walk 10,000 miles
Just to see your smile

I would cross a sea
Battle mighty beasts
Walk 10,000 miles
Just to see your smile



Written By: Brett Ratliff

I saw you walking down the street
Summers here
Your smile caught me by the eye
It went from there

But the seasons start to change
The wind brings the cold and rain

And now winters coming around
And I’m not there
Can we build a fire big enough
To heat this air

Summer was the best time
But I just couldn’t stay right here
By your side in the hot summer air
Wind in our hair

But the leaves have all turned gold
And its time for me to go home

Chorus x 1

Winters creeping around
Spring is almost here
Soon followed by summer
When I will be near

Chorus x 2


Winter EP

Set List

Set List:

Streetlight Runners can play a variety of sets ranging from short sets up to a 3 hour set.

-Original Songs
oI Will Tell You
oLive Life Like Lovers Do
oFairy Tales
oThe Key
oDon't Let It Die
oDon't Know Why
oPlay The Game
oCan't Go Back
oThat's What I'll Do
oSomebody Today
oIts All Right
oWon't Say Goodbye
oCome to Me
oAngels Above
oFor Ari
oBeauty and the Beast
oThe Beautiful Mistake

Streetlight Runners can and sometimes do play covers but is by no means a cover band. Some examples of these care listed below.

oFire and Rain - James Taylor
oLong Trip Alone - Dierks Bentley
oSuch Great Heights - The Postal Service / Iron
and Wine
oI Will Not Forget You - Waterdeep
oI-m Like A Bird - Nelly Furtado
oDancing Queen - Abba
oBest of Me - The Starting Line
oNew Slang - The Shins