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STREET LOTTO is taking the Hip Hop generation to that next level. There hasn’t been an industry buzz like this coming out of OHIO since Bone, Thugs and Harmony. Ohio is an open market for a new voice in Hip Hop and STREET LOTTO has definitely filled that void. With clever lyrics, catchy hooks and distinctive rhymes, STREET LOTTO embodies the new generation of MC’s. This Cincinnati native sought refuge from some of the negativity in the street life by moving to Atlanta where he resides and currently putting the finishing touches on his 3rd independent CD “Game-N-Fortune”. From his life experiences, SL expresses his blood, sweat and tears on every bangin track. The debut video “Ohio Plairz” is a sample of the lifestyle of “real” plairz in the game and not just someone who is promoting an image. What you see is what you get with STREET LOTTO and he represents for not only Cincinnati, but the entire state of Ohio. The video has been aired on B.E.T and Bassment Flavors. KMS is the first artist coming out of the Street Lotto Music Group (SL Music). “Street Lotto is all about taking chances to elevate your game in life and always playing to win” says SL. The Street Lotto Music Group plans to start an Ohio College promo tour and continue to expose STREET LOTTO'S Midwest/Durrty South flow to the masses. STREET LOTTO has teamed up with his partner/producer Melo-Dramatiq aka (The Banger Bros.) to produce the ultimate Street Lotto Mixtape series and has recently released Volume One titled “The Next Great Champ”. Street Lotto have finally arrived in this evolving rap game and have all the right elements to be hip-hop’s new unstoppable force!



Written By: KEITH M. SMITH

Ohio Plairs Lyric Sheet

Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to the SonDunnery
I’m your host this evening the SonDunn1…KMS
I’ll be your guide I got a special BSA announcement
For all yall check me out yall!

Ohio Plairs on the grind they be workin
Steady chiefin on that pine and that herbin
Haters getting left behind they be hurtin
Ladies love the way we shine they be slurpin
Ohio Plairs on the grind they be workin
Steady chiefin on that pine and that herbin
Hater getting left behind they hurtin
Bout to put it on the map so its curtains

Verse 1: Who keeps it reala than this Nati, Ohio nigga
Boy I’m a fire spitta still one of the livest niggaz forever
Been getting cheddar here to make it bigga
Never fakin wit ya quit playa hatin, get ya money
Stop actin funny smack em with the liquor
Yea right across the kissa know who the boss
It’s Mr. Smith, Keith Muthafucka Yea you know
That kind of figures I got that flow that’s sicka
Yall get the picture

(Repeat chorus) 2x

Verse 2: Yo, one fifth and I am now gone
Let me get my style on cheese playa please
In the pocket like a calzone still give hoes the dial tone
Still bat like a thousand
You swing at anything with jeans and a blouse on
Me, I put my pals on get my rock da house on
Boss we set it off like they playin juvenile shit
Niggaz wildin out up in the bitch that’s juvenile shit
You aint into making money getting rich, some more juvenile shit

(2nd chorus) 2x

Verse 3: Playboy, I got a couple state to state, you know I love to hustle
Flex a little muscle most of these chicks will love you whether you big or little
They wanna kiss and cuddle; they wanna sip some bubble, later on flip and bug you
Its crazy, I told you that I got a lady baby why the 180 lady how you gonna try and play me, I’m swayze no if, no ands, no but or maybes, no end no cuts to safety
Unless you got some bucks to pay me

(3rd chorus)

No doubt about it yea SonDunnery
That’s right in full effect O-H Dime everytime baby
This how we do this Midwest Best KMS
What you know about it


To this date has sold 4500 copies of the independent debut CD “Playin to Win”

Employed at Distant Replays ( the biggest retro sports store in the South. Used by most top entertainers and sports athletes.

Recorded the Intro to McSearch (3rd Bass) Detroit #1 morning radio show FM 98 WJLB with KoKo & Foolish

Distant Replay Commercial – aired locally in Atlanta on BET, MTV, CNN, ESPN, ESPN Classic and VH1 also featured on 6 radio promos of the Ryan Cameron Morning Show 107.9 FM Atlanta’s #1 Hip Hop Station

Feature on 1st 100,000 copies of the OutKast DVD – Big Boi’s Boom Boom Room

Opened for various hip hop acts such as; Outkast, Scarface, Twister, The Lox and 50 cent

Featured on several mixed CD’s and was the pick of the month by DJ Don Cannon of the Affiliates on the Generation Now mix CD Hosted by Kanye West and Joe Budden