Street Sirens

Street Sirens

 San Francisco, California, USA

Bluesy, raw noise-pop from the West Coast led by female vocalist Alison Carlos.


Street Sirens is an indie rock band from San Francisco, California formed by vocalist Alison Carlos and guitarist Michael Dunkle. When the two met in San Francisco, they started writing their first EP and playing shows on the West Coast. They were later joined by drummer Will Boast. The 3-piece has a sound that can be described as bluesy, minimal garage pop.

After their first successful tour, the group returned home to San Francisco to finish recording 'Keep It Easy, Cryptic Seas." This was followed by their recent EP "Lost Coast" which was released in October 2010. The band is currently recording a full-length which is scheduled for early 2011.

The band is frequently compared to the Black Keys and the Kills with their minimalist blues approach and self-produced albums. Their sound derives from Alison's catchy, cutting vocals over noisy, lo-fi guitars. Despite having a lo-fi approach, their songs are generally constructed in a classic, catchy, indie-pop style.


- Keep It Easy, Cryptic Seas
- Lost Coast EP

Set List

8-9 song setlists. 30-40 minutes. No covers as of now.