Street Smells
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Street Smells

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Rock Psychedelic




" NYC psych-rockers on the rise: Street Smells"

New York's Street Smells may be named after various aromas that are sometimes inescapable in this town, but their music appears to be more firmly rooted in Scotland, circa 1990. "Jerky Ride" ambles along with the casual cool of Jim Reid's swagger and his brother's guitar textures. "We went down, down (so far down) that I don't believe we'll ever come around" is the nihilistic searching for kicks message. "Lemon Yellow Rasberry" slows the shuffle down even further, presenting a heavier, near dirge-like quality. Tambourine on snare shot beats and dueling guitar layers create the proper level of foreboding. "The Slippery Slope of Being A Drug Dealer" takes its obvious message and positions it against a rhythm closer to The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Dirty guitar lines shear the top off power chords churning underneath. "Ghost In The Sky" returns to a shuffle rhythm while updating the two chord churn of The MaryChain's "Birthday" for maximum effect. - Dave Cromwell - The Deli

"This is our jam"

Write up from refinery29 this is our jam - Refinery29


Still working on that hot first release.



Walk down dingy Eldridge Street where the Lower East Side gives to Chinatown and you'll know where this band found their name. The group's members are no strangers to the bars and venues of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn and they've navigated a dirty street or two. Sticking together for awhile but never with the intention of playing as a band until the name "Street Smells" hit them late one night and led to a few weeks of gags and what ifs. The song titles came, then the album titles, then artwork and eventually they had a career's worth of material on paper.