Streets of thieves

Streets of thieves


4 dudes, musical equipment, and beer = awesome show


Streets of Thieves can not be defined in one genre.
Unlike anything heard today they manage a sound like no other. The band consist of Dirk Mathews (Lead Vocals and Bass), Jeremy Hodson (Drums and Backing Vocals), Brad Blanco (Guitar and Vocals), and Lucas Watson (Guitar). Together they form a Metal - Punk sound that has been compared to early Cave In. Hailing from OKC, Oklahoma the band works hard writing songs and playing shows for the love of friends and fans alike.


Central City Productions Demo 2005
Midwestern Hymnals, The Independent, 2006
Chaos on the Plains Compilation 2007

Set List

Our sets tend to be around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast we play. Sometimes its shorter if we are opening for a band or playing a festival.

Our songs include

1. Grandma Don't
2. Stabilize Rear Deflectors
3. Cloak & Dagger
4. Counting Sheep
5. I-25
6. Shut Up World
7. FFF
8. Another Day in the Life Of..
9. Voice of a Million Heathens
10.Bowing Out
11.The Roche Limit
12.The Outsider
13.Party Til your Brains Fall Out
sometimes we'll play a cover