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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



StreetStarOz is an up and coming rapper you've probably never heard of. This Is My Life is a sick song with a sick beat. StreetStarOz has a nice flow too which, combined with the beat, makes it hard not to like this song. He's still growing, but I have no doubt you'll be hearing more about him very soon.

You can find more about him on his profile over at REVERBNATION.

November 17, 2010 - Tyler


Still working on that hot first release.



Isaac Williams Jr. best known as “Street Star OZ” was born November 5, 1988 to Kim and Isaac Williams. From the moment his mother looked into his eyes, she knew “A Star was Born”. Growing up in Brownsville a rough part of Brooklyn, he encountered many struggles and obstacles. At the age of nine, while attending the (Dr. Betty Shabazz) School he participated in a “Spoken Word” seminar where he realized his love for music and remarkable talent. Inspired by his sister, Nina La Bella she enabled him to pursue his dreams of becoming an “ARTIST”. During arguments and turmoil within the family, she would write songs and turn all the negatives into positives. Soon Street Star Oz’s talent came naturally when he had to challenge himself. The challenge was to convert his ideas and thoughts into lyrical wordplay.
At the age of 13, peer pressure seemed to be getting the best of him. Street Star Oz had chosen the wrong path to take by hanging out with the wrong crowds and often gotten himself into serious trouble. In addition, he took an interest into the world of Fashion. At the age of 15, his confidence toward modeling was not too good. A good friend named Melissa Ali gave him inspiring words of comfort. She said, “Always remain dedicated and give it your all.” This is when I found a place in the world of modeling. Ever since those words of comfort, I can happily say, “I am faithfully dedicated towards my music and modeling career. Modeling has been a target of my eye for many years.” He also adds, “The main love I have for modeling and fashion advertising is the positive mood of feeling very comfortable and expressing myself through different types of body language. It can visually paint the perfect portrait to one's mind of art. I want people to be able to relate upon my art like traits of characteristics… After all, a picture is worth a thousand words…” He has participated in many fashion shows throughout the five boroughs of New York State. In 2006, he had hit rock bottom when his father became ill and passed away from Cancer. The death of his father pushed him further into the “Street Life’ as some may call it. Soon this darkness of life and death began to take a toll on him. Once incarcerated, there were plenty of nights in which he thought to himself about his life and how it would have an impact on his future. Losing loved ones whom had significant meaning in his life he began to channel all the pain and hurt into his songs. “Letter to my Father” a song self-explanatory explores his creativity and ingenious mind. Street Star Oz began competing in “Rap Battles” where he met his mentor AZ also an artist from the community. AZ saw potential and gave him insight on the music industry. He showed him support and offered to do collaborations as well. This person instilled faith back into his dreams. With the boost of confidence, OZ never allowed failure to feed him little hopes and dreams. He has performed at “The Times Square Arts Center” for ROCKME.TV, Def Jam Star-Power Media, also various lounges and competed in showcases. He has appeared on, and His fan base has increased overtime with such websites as myspace, facebook, and twitter. Street Star Oz is also an entrepreneur whom has mapped out the blueprint to start his own independent label however collaborating with Star Power Media, Make Move Ent, and Alliance Rec. Hands down he is a unique artist and lyrically talented. This young man has a bright future ahead of him and his journey will be an amazing life changing experience. The last thing he had to say was, “I’m looking forward to working with people who are goal-oriented and positive.......