A Blind homeless man who looks like a muppet is the frontman of this amazing power rock band. Wicked Willy Yonkers sings songs about his challenging life in the gutter, accompanied by some of Chicago's greatest undiscovered talent. Oh yeah, they play in costumes too...epic


Streetwisemen is the power rock project surrounding blind and homeless singer, William Plowman. Born with cataracts Will has been legally blind since birth. He has had a turbulent upbringing, which led him into his adult life, blind and homeless. Will was starting to think his story was over until he met Streetwisemen. A group of rockers who began to oversee Will and give him whatever help they could. When society turned their backs on Will Plowman, rock and roll took him in. Streetwisemen has been said to sound like KISS meets Sonic Youth. It is a band that is punk rock in spirit, classic metal in upbringing, and sonically deep in nature. Their motto is simple "ROCK AND ROLL, WILL SAVE OUR SOULS." Will Plowman is an enigmatic frontman. He is 100% true and unscripted. His blindness allows him to be his true self, for he can't see what to cover up. This makes him a fearless frontman who is exposing all of his soul when he hits the stage. The trick is to keep him from falling off!


What We Wanna Be -2005 single
1,2,3,5 to be released June of 2008
Streetwisemen has been featured on WXRT's Local show
and Q101's local music showcase, amongst other college radio stations.

Set List

Our typical set list is 8 to 10 songs. Our usual set time is about 45 min. although we can fill up an hour. We play in costume and have not done a cover yet. What We Wanna Be, Intensity, Titanic Convulsion, Eat @ the "Y", Streetwiseman, Take the "El" to Hell, Never Look Down, and Change Everything.