Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopR&B

my words are life, trials and tribulations, what a man goes while he's is down and what the streetz bring with it... I am the streetz and i love it because it made me who i am today


born and raised in pa, the city by the lake. i've been doing music for like 5 years and i love writting and telling my story. hopefully you dig my shit. My music is me and everybody alwas ask wat do i want me image to be and honestly it'z me fo real. The shit i say in a song is how i feel and you can't be mad at me for speaking my mind you know! My music sets me apart from others because i have a strong will so just because you don't agree with me don't mean ima stop never that... I went to prison when i was 18 and am still on parole my brother in the fed'z doin five as i write this. U can't tell me i don't have a story just take time out to listen to my words then maybe you could feel my pain!!!


I just got a couple songs out on the market but i do have alot of mixtape material which i will prolly be releasing in the next few months.