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"My music is a throwback with a new school flavor and I'm an old soul pumping new blood thru hip hop's system"


Stress, born Terrance Williams, was engulfed in music at a young age from being around his uncles, the renowned Mob Terror (aka Live Poets) and listening to old school rap, Jazz, and R & B with his mother. Not only did he grow up listening to music but became a prodigy that started to create it himself. His uncles taught him that there was more involved in perfecting a formless art than meets the eye and that he must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the music industry in order to truly do well. So Stress began mixing his own melodies with an antique Yamaha keyboard, a saxophone, and a trumpet proving that this was not just a phase but a potential way of life for him. After noticing his desire, his family invested in his first mixing board and mic. Over the next few years, Stress often created tracks for many local artists throughout his native Long Island, and also experienced the work involved with touring, following his uncles behind the scenes learning first hand what it takes to be a successful live performer. The small taste of the lime light was all it took to lure Stress deeper into the inner workings of music as a business, as he evolved quickly into an extremely versatile and adaptable artist with the ability to transform at the drop of a hat from the proverbial “streetwise rapper” to a conscious lyricist, never losing his audience’s attention or his core fan base, as represented on his debut album “Who Am I?”, which sold an impressive 10,000 copies without the help of retail and in-store support and led to opening shows for artists such as Joe Budden and a featured spot on a Tape Masters Inc. mix tape in 2006, as well as a nod for MOST ORIGINAL SOLO ARTIST of the year at the 4th Annual Underground Music Awards in 2006.
Audiences have also been left wanting more whether he’s headlined at the legendary Howard University for a charitable event in the nation’s capital, or at several underground clubs up and down the east coast. The momentous success of his debut album spawned the follow up “Patience Is A Virtue”, showing his expanded following more of a throwback to his freestyle rap beginnings. As Stress puts it: "I wanna give new meaning to the definition of ‘a diamond in the rough’, and show what it takes to maintain a career without sacrificing your artistic integrity. I’d rather be known as an overachiever that takes creative risks than someone that follows the same lines everyone else does”.
Stress signed his first label deal with Reign Music and Media in 2007 because, as he puts it: “I knew we shared the same vision and concept of team work as well as the hunger. I didn’t want to sign with a major and find myself sitting around waiting for a turn that’s not guaranteed.”
So far, what surely looks like a guarantee is that Stress will always be involved in the music and entertainment industry, taking his risks and raising the bar.
His first release on Reign is expected in the spring of 2008, followed by an extensive promotional tour of the northeast and Midwest US.


"Who Am I?" --April 2003 (LP)
"Patience Is A Virtue"--June 2006 (LP)
"Click Clak" (single and video)--June 2007
"From Hell 2 Heaven" (LP)--July 2007