My music is fantasy western swing, and I am lead singer and guitarist with the Mending Hearts, the world's only Scottish western swing band. For instance, one of our regional hits is 'Tartan is the Colour of my True Love's Underwear', a song based on the old Irish ballad 'Black is the Colour'.


The music is mostly of the humorous variety, perfect for dancing and laughing. My main influences are Hank Penny and Bill Hicks. What sets me apart is I am the band leader of the world's only Scottish western swing band, the Mending Hearts.


you overshot the runway to my heart

Written By: iain macfadyen

You overshot the runway to my heart
Lyrics: Iain MacFadyen

I approached you for the second time and I caught you off your guard
I swooped right down to land on you but your runway wasn’t tarred

You’re a first class mamma, I’m economy class
So why did you let me start?

Cause you stamped my ticket then you overshot the runway to my heart

I’m airport determinally minded to board your plane again
You’d better take out some insurance cause it’s only a matter of when

I’m packing my bags, I’m checking you in
I’m going to make your security smart

Cause you stamped my ticket then you overshot the runway to my heart

Let’s fly away together, let’s leave the past behind
You know we’ll always have Paris for something to remind

I want to tinkle your ivories as time goes by
We’ll play it again if we’re smart

Cause no one else will ever overshoot the runway to my heart.


We have an EP which gets played locally - please contact Leith FM in Edinburgh or contact Mike Gross via the western swing monthly website. Also, Radio Scotland for more information.

Set List

A typical concert list set would be half an hour minimum and one hour maximum.
Original Songs:
1 - Tartan is the colour of my true love's underwear
2 - You overshot the runway to my heart
3 - Take your dreams and run
4 - Stalks and scares
5 - Somebody stole the chieftains
6 - Hotel Caledonia
7 - The things that break your heart
8 - The world is a lonely place without you (but only for a minute or so)
9 - Cooter's Breakdown
10 - Time won't change a thing

1 - I told her lies (Robbie Foulks)
2 - Divorce me C.O.D. (Merle Travis)
3 - Big River (Johnny Cash)
4 - It's All Your Fault (Wade Ray)
5 - That'll never Happen no More (Blind Blake)
6 - Shotgun Boogie (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
7 - Yellow Roses (Unknown)
8 - Two Timin' Mama (Hank Penny)
9 - Liquor, Beer and Wine (the Reverend Horton Heat)
10 - She ain't Rose (Leon Redbone)