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Elevating listeners with inviting lyrics of social/spiritual relevance, heroic choruses and an undeniably fresh, multi-genre union of sound.


Stretch Lefty formed in 2001, brings to the table a progressive take on funk, reggae, and hip hop influenced pop music with a classic quality that is reminiscent of an earlier era. While they credit their main influence to the analog sounds of Motown, Pink Floyd and Bob Marley, they also take notes from recent, live hip-hop bands like Galactic and The Roots. This combination of vintage vibes and new school rhymes has been the focus of the bands songwriting since their 2005 debut release entitled Lovebomb. Tracks from this record earned Stretch Lefty a slot in the top 20 bands selected by a celebrity panel including Perry Farrell to perform at Lollapalooza 2006.

The genre bending, heavy hitters have been playing regularly throughout the Midwest over the past three years while working on their upcoming 2008 release. The socially uplifting new record entitled Universe Box was recorded live, partially at Ante-Up studio in Cleveland, Ohio where the group was sharing the studio with The Dave Matthew's Band, who were working on a project during their summer tour. In the fall of 2007, while in New Jersey working on mixes at the Barbershop Studio, Stretch Lefty scored a gig at Giant's Stadium in New York City performing for fans before the football game. World renown producer Ron St. Germain (311, RHCP, Bad Brains, Muse) came aboard to mix half the record after overhearing a track being played in another room at the Barbershop Studio.

The sound of the new record is funky, hip-hop and reggae influenced and heavily groove oriented. Fans of Lovebomb will notice a slightly more somber, intimate song-writing approach, but will feel right at home with full-throttle social/spiritual tracks like "People In The Struggle", and "Soul Soundsystem". The band invited several guest musicians to improv sax, and organ as well as Columbus' own professional hip-hop enthusiast and founder of the fifteen-year-strong Hip Hop Expo, Dj BHB who laid turntables on two tracks. Universe Box is set for release summer of 2008, just in time for weekend festivals, lazy days by the pool and road trips with the top down. Like the universe itself, the evident expansion of Stretch Lefty's message against the mundane is in effect. From their core Columbus fan base, to the far reaches of the region.

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Written By: Stretch Lefty

The city skylights glowin in the background, busy streets are alive wit that same old sound, of busy cats walkin mad fast, talkin loud. The daily grinds got me feelin kinda empty now.

I'm on a lower plane searchin for higher ground, doing my thing the only way that I know how, payin my bills on time now somehow, the daily grinds got me feeling kinda empty now.

I'm the type who can keep it together in any weather but today I just sit back and wonder, how these fools keep it cool when it's warmer every summer, wow. They got me feelin kinda empty now.

I be blazin Jimi Hendrix out the stereo, that kinda music always takes me where I need to go, sweet baby girl how I wish I could caress your soul, manic depression is takin its toll, so get me... far away from that crap on the radio, far away from panicking at the disco, far away from these half empty club shows, rhymes so hot keep ya popin like Crisco.

Let the music play, she's the only thing that can take me away, from an ordinary day, far away from an ordinary day now.

I'm livin my life now, and everything's gonna be alright now, so give me that hand girl and meet me on the other side. I don't care what ya say, cuz everything is gonna go my way, so give me that hand girl and meet me on the other side.

Yeah, the first time I met you was a mad trip, like when I first heard that hip hop record hit, you had my heart from the start yeah you made it skip, you had my mind intertwined with the flows that you spit. Then you started movin to that roots reggae music, you know you can't refuse it, it's not just a sound it's a movement, so let the bassline take ya cruisin.



Darkness falls the light go out, all you whack ass cats know what I'm talkin about, because I'm livin my life now on a path that's right now, because of music I got a kid and a wife now. Flip the scrip and it's always hittin, forgettin, if the lyrics are written man, oh not to mention, it's the lyrical flow that got you breakin down ya door, all you people want more like I was playin
Yard Core.




"Universe Box" LP

"Wake Up" featured on XM Satellite Radio's "The Joint" reggae broadcast.

"Wake Up" also performed live on 98.5 WKRZ FM, "Northeast PA's #1 Choice For Today's Best Music" (

"Lovebomb" LP

Track "Fire" featured in the motion picture soundtrack to "Blur" (

Title track "Lovebomb" featured on the "Upper Room" funk radio broadcast WVOF

Set List

Up to 1 hour = all original material
1-2 Hours = 90% original, 10% covers
2-4 Hours = 75% original, 25% covers

Current originals include:

Days and Days
Long Time No See
Bringin' Down the Funk
Wake Up
Malcom Watson
Thank God For the Funk
Love and Pain
Wake Up
Universe Box

Current covers in rotation include:

Bob Marley - I Shot the Sheriff, Exodus
Stevie Wonder - Superstition
Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music
Pink Floyd - In the Flesh, Have a Cigar
Jackson Five - I Want You Back
The Meters - Funkify Your Life
The Beatles - Come Together
Daft Punk - Around the World
Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
Jay Z - Brush Your Shoulders Off
Sublime - Garden Grove