Stife is comprised of 3 teenagers with musical ability beyond their years and a desire to perform their own compositons as opposed to covering hits. As a 3 piece rock trio the band creatres a sound rivaling many 4-5 piece bands and given the opportunity could do some great things.


STRIFE consisits of Al 17, Josh 16 and Cole 15. They have been playing together since the summer of 2005. They have performed at the Canada Day Celebration, pubs like Heriot Bay Inn and Campbell River Lodge as well as parties and a wedding. Starting out playing covers, the band now plays their own compositions written from the influences of classic Rock and Roll. It is this original songwriting that has set them apart from other Campbell River teen bands. They have just completed a demo of some of their original songs, in hope of getting noticed in the industry.


A 4 song demo CD, independantly produced and circulated as well as posted on their MySpace site.

Set List

Past performances have been a mixture of covers and originals that played out to about an hour set.
The band has decided that it now wants to perform strictly original songs. At this point the play list would be about 45 minutes.
1. My Bodies in Pieces
2. Something's Wrong With Me
3. In The End
4. Boom Boom Boom
5. Instrumental
6. At My Feet
7. Soft Fire of The Rose