In our modern day, where rock and metal have decayed into a playing style that can only be compared to a bland microwave dinner, Strifer is a full course meal of excellent design. Drawing influence from the best of 80's metal and current Alternative hits, Strifer is bringing back the music we love.


Representing the San Francisco area, Strifer will compete against 16 bands from around the nation.
Watch us on FUSE TV JULY 8th!!!

- - Once upon a time, in the fourth year of this great millennium, four friends from Nevada County, CA gathered together to play music. This meeting of ideas was a collective fate - a destiny in the form of a band. Bryan, Wes, Nolan, Jesse... Strifer was born.
They began to work hard with new time signatures and structuring methods to create that feel-good, kick-your-ass-and-swing-your-skull vibe that Strifer ultimately stands for. After a short time full of hard work in the Northern California music scene, Strifer found themselves booked to play in a national competition sponsored by bodogMUSIC:
- - Round after round Strifer advanced, battling their way to the top. Their incredible drive and talent worked in combination with the amazing support from their fans and family. These factors pushed them to beat out a total of 846 competing bands in their area. According to fans and judges alike, Strifer was now one of the 17 best independent bands in the nation.
- - Representing the San Francisco battlegrounds, Strifer will play live on Fuse TV, in front of thousands of viewers...



This Night, Predictable

Written By: Jesse Ryan Hunter

Dear Journal,
This will be the last you hear from me,
Without quite the soul held a gun to affection,
Hoping that she may see,
That I loved her,
But now she is gone,
Contradicting ones promise like the rest can’t forgiven his wrong,
I swear I’ve made the right choice,
And it was just the other night,
Broken my heart from this feeling,
Followed myself misleading..

Can you feel it?
Falling to fast to recover,
I won’t stay here!
But never was it my decision.
Can you feel it!
Falling to fast to recover,
I can’t stay here,
For always contempt recollection.

End this right now,
Or is it something you can’t see,
I’d Change if I wanted but this situation
Seems to get worse every day,
So you can try your best,
You can fight it but we will see,
If my refusal to smile will prevent you from taking
Any more steps towards me,
So for just one day,
Break your addiction to pain,
My mental reflection speaks future redemption
Events don’t I dare feel this way.

Hide your smile,
I know that you’re confused,
Rewrite my life,
End the abuse.

Ballistic Distress Signal

Written By: Jesse Ryan Hunter

Wishing through my words to stop the wrath,
To shown the girl how many scorn the path,
Blazing my own way to overthrow,
Her eyes scream pain and passion to the door.

Flaws that always speak to frail eyes,
But things are almost never what they seem,
Phrases to knock me unconscious,
And glances that go unseen.

Anger overthrow this sin is done,
No dignity in your blood just to run,
Breaking all the rules to pass the test,
Bring your darkest hour to lay rest

Flaws that always speak to frail eyes,
But things are almost never what they seem,
Phrases that render you speechless,
And glances that go unseen.

Heat Signature

Written By: Jesse Ryan Hunter

Dividing my conscience apparent her words to decipher.
I tell my own fortune through vivid catastrophe daydreams far too frequently,
Hold on for dear life.

I'll be sending away so my words will be there with you,
To fill the air with a hope we cannot share.
And still I'm sending away for a chance to hold you break you!
Never again will I trust a flawed opinion.

So you shattered your first impression,
Don't ignite just to watch me burn out.
I dug my grave deeper with misunderstood body language,
You say I shouldn't be smiling but im so happy.


While you were gone I felt the words you left were lost,
While you were gone I'm not sure what happened.
While you were gone I felt the words you left were lost,
When you move on I'll be glad it ended.


"Heat Signature" Single- Febuary 2007
-Recorded at Flying Whale Studios in
Nevada City, CA

"Strifer" 5 Song EP - December 2005
-Recorded at home studio in Nevada City, CA

"Every 15 Minutes" Single - September 2005
-Recorded at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA

Streaming tracks available on our websites:

Set List

Typical Set List:
Intro (1 of 2) - 1:20
Into The Black Zone - 3:38
Heat Signature - 4:26
Clandestine Affairs - 5:57
Mercury Retrograde - 5:23
Dual Action Backhand - 5:18
Lonely Mistakes and Extinguished Hope - 3:36
Ballistic Distress Signal - 6:44
Every 15 Minutes - 3:18
This Night, Predictable - 6:47

Crazy Train (Black Sabbath)
Trashed, Lost, and Strungout (Children of Bodom)
Power Rangers Theme Song
X-Men Theme Song