Strikes Back

Strikes Back


"The unique sound of experience in life through music"


Strikes Back is a unique sound and experience of life through music. Playful yet determined, the trio does what a ten piece band duplicates. Influences range from the early 50's to now. Strikes Back has strayed away from the personal beliefs concerning issues that have absolutely nothing to do with music whatsoever, so listen for your self biatch.



Written By: Jon Huston

Who going to talk to jimmy
in the home were he remains
i see him staring at a blank screen all day of nothing and i see it in his eyes that he pains come here little jimmy together we'll run away from poverty and ecstasy were everybody tends to be living it day by day come away now jimmy we really gotta get away lets start brand new with nothing on our mind but sunny California don’t give up now jimmy it's time for you to play here the quarter play the game eventually it will bring you fame so haily will come up to you and say come by me now jimmy we really got to get away we been searching three states long now and a mans trying to get equal in his pay i said don't give up now jimmy we've come to far don't give up now everyone is watching just prove to them your now the same

F. U.

Written By: Jon Bill & Mike

Sorry bout this it wasn't just me can you blame I’m just a man so don't deny that it wasn't her fault I didn't do this by my self you should have expected this from me you won me over but now I’m done don't be sad you weren't that bad your minutes up now and I’m truly sorry I never meant to get bored with you. I brought her over she wasn't sober I bent her over and I don't feel bad I know we fucked up but now that’s over don't forget that we'll move on. So raise that middle finger and hope i might remember it's been a while since I’ve felt okay not sure if you fell the same way but if you do if it means a thing I’m sorry.

I Wish It Were Christmas

Written By: Jon Huston Bill Wilburn Mike Tellez

Wake up call three am Familiar voice but something’s wrong I don't recall just what was said and I don't care I confide in no one I'll just lie here and ponder what’s left of me
said I won't lie here waiting around for things to change for me but just today for only today I wish it were Christmas the thought is gone out of my head I thank you for everything the good the bad have made me who I am Today was not my day I just got over everything today is not my day and I won’t keep running back for this.


I Wish It Were Christmas
Dead in Texas

Set List

Our set list alternates ALL THE TIME not just for our listeners but for us as well, because well are always searching for the best show ever.