Strike The Sun

Strike The Sun

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if you like good rock n roll this is it a clean dynamic vocal approach think the cult/ the doors. with heavy groove driven guitars and a backline that will tear down the walls solid rock n roll....


“Well I am the wolf, that wears the clothing of the sheep…” This lyric is a fitting description of Strike the Sun. The five guys that make up the band are the nicest most laid back people that you could meet, but when the curtain goes up and the amps hit full song you’ll want to hide your girl and leave your poser wanna be rock star gear at home. This Longview, Texas based hard-rock band means business. Bassist Eric Allen and drummer Guy Farrell deliver a solid one-two punch as the backbeat, never getting lost in the mix or missing a beat, while frontman Chris Hulsey delivers powerful vocals in perfect pitch with the riffs of guitarists Mike Boring and Jarod Hodges. Strike the Sun has a set of original music that wouldbe right at home next to Clutch, Fu Manchu, AC/DC or the Cult in your MP3 playlist. But they aren’t afraid to mix in rock standards by Led Zeppelin or Ted Nugent. The band will self release their debut album this fall on CD and digital formats and is available for limited engagement booking by request.

the wolf

Set List

1. Burning witches (original)
2. Gasoline (original)
3. Thorn (unida)
4. Them Bones (alice in chains)
5. Wolf (original)
6. Black Sunday (original)
7. Thru my Days (floodgate)
8. My Boy (hermano)
9. Knock it Down (original)
10. No more Tears (ozzy)
11. Stone Me (original)
12. Albatross (c.o.c)
13. Cedar Hill (original)
14. Snake Eyes (original)
15. Shout at the Devil (motley crue)
16. Foghat
17. Hair of the dog (nazareth)
18. Immigrant Song (led zepplin)
19. Wild Flower (cult)
20. Just got paid/ Drinkers (zz top)
21. Lil Devil (cult)
22. Paranoid (black sabbath)
23. Ace of Spades (motorhead)
24. Roadhouse/ Zoo (doors/scorpions)
25. Rio (duran duran)
26. Cat Scratch Fever (ted nugent)
27. Whole lot of rosie (ac/dc)
28.Detroit Rock City (kiss)
our set list keeps growing daily so we offer a good dose of rock n roll that keeps the crowd's attention and wanting more....