STRIKKEN is one of the hardest hitting intense rock bands in the Midwest! Songs with power that draw you into their world. High energy powerful music, with jalepenos! Catch a show, feel the difference!


STRIKKEN is officially sponsored by:

DFC Skateboards
Medicine Man Custom Drums

Hard hitting energetic metal with top shelf production is what STRIKKEN is all about. These guys put on one high energy amazing rock show. Seeing is believing.

This band of five has shared the stage with National recording artists and were chosen to perform at many festivals, conferences, and National events. Over 250 shows performed! Eigth times at Columbus CREW MLS soccer games and the Columbus Clippers. STRIKKEN has received air play on radio stations in the USA, Canada, Scotland, and Japan.

Starting out as a Metallica cover band in 2001, STRIKKEN developed their own original style of music. Old School Metal was their inspiration, and a major influence on their musical path.


STRIKKEN - Impakt - 2003 demo
Red Room Records compilation - 2004
All Things Metal compilation - 2004
Best of the Midwest compilation - 2004
STRIKKEN � arcanum � 2005
Zippo Hot Tour Columbus, OH Semi-Finals 2006
Operation: Rock Our Troops compilation - 2006
Screaming to be Heard compilation Vol 57 - 2007
STRIKKEN � Promo 3 song Demo - 2007
Screaming to be Heard compilation Vol 67 � 2008
Operation: Music Storm compilation � 2008
Sinister Music compilation - 2008
Screaming to be Heard compilation - Metallica � 2008 I
Screaming to be Heard compilation - Metallica � 2008 II
Screaming to be Heard compilation - Metallica � 2008 III
STRIKKEN � Out of Ashes- 2009

Set List

Over 30 originals.
(approx. 90 minutes)

30+ covers:
Awake, DownFall, Poem, Bleeder,
dozens from Metallica, Godsmack, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, and more!
(approx. 130 minutes)