String Bean Love

String Bean Love


String Bean Love consist of a melting pot of ideas combining the essential ingredients of tight R&B drum/bass grooves, the sweet sweet sounds of ivory and risque lyrics that'll even make your dog blush, this recipe will leave you thinking String Bean Love is anything but your normal Rock/R&B trio


Don’t let the name fool you, String Bean Love isn’t the name of a vegetarian collective in Vermont. Let the trio of Berklee students provide a sonic double take for anyone who thinks this band is anything like the Polyphonic Spree. Sara Houser (keys/vocals), Dhyana Berry (bass), and Nick D’Agostino (drums) make up the band producing a sound loaded with tight grooves, piano-driven hooks, and lyrics that more often than not make you say “did she really just sing that?” It all started in the Fall of 2006 when Dhyana Berry and Sara Houser met in a Berklee classroom. Dhy a bass principle, and Sara a piano principle/songwriter quickly bonded and decidedly started working together on music. As the year went on, the duo became a trio when Sara met Nick D’Agostino. Nick’s pocket and Dhy’s R&B grooves make a solid foundation for Sara’s songwriting and percussive piano playing to create the sweet sweet sound that is String Bean Love. So don’t come out to a show thinking you’ll see some girl and her guitar singing about counterculture. Put on your funk face and experience String Bean Love


EP coming soon!

Set List

Sea Legs
Lie To Myself
Unwritten Song
In The Dark