String Board Theory

String Board Theory


String Board Theory, is a positive, make you want to dance, jam, funk, rock, reggae, all around tight, with an original sound, making a great band!


String Board Theory formed in Steamboat Springs, during the Fall of 2007, when Jeff Hayes, Jeff Barlow, and Tyler Kimball all met and started to jam which led to writing innovative and creatively captivating songs. SBT has been constantly touring all over Colorado for the past two years (except for their 5 month hiatus from June 09 to October 09) they have locked in a solid fan base, while attracting more and more fans every day with their unique high quality blend of super jammy funky, reggae, psychedelic rock, but with a slight electronic feel. The audience always wants more of what they heard because you can never have enough String Board Theory. A SBT show is like walking into a high energy, face melting, deep driving bass, solid-funky beats, club where every one is dancing, feeling good, receiving good vibes from the music as the band feeds off the crowds energy, all creating an excellent positive, ear tantalizing experience in a packed club (with enough room to dance), not to mention a very enhancing light show. Some of their influences are, Govt Mule, Pink Floyd, Sound Tribe Sector 9, 10 Foot Ganja Plant, Led Zepplin, Peter Tosh, Lotus, and all around good energy and enlightenment.


SBT has downloadable tracks on myspace for everyone to hear!

Set List

Our set list time ranges from one hour to four hours. We have about 40 original songs to play, with a few covers we do for the right occasion. Besides the originals we might thow in a Pink Floyd, Jimi Henrix,J.J. Cale, or a Peter Tosh cover.