String Bridges

String Bridges


We are all centred around acoustic guitars but we play many different genres including country, blues, jazz, hip-hop and reggae. The best genre title that seems to fit for us is progressive folk.


Some of our many influences are Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Iron and Wine, Peter Tosh, John Prine and Wes Montgomery. We have a very different sound with all the genre crossing we do, complex chord progressions with even more complex guitar and bass work. We have been playing together for over four years and have been friends for longer, so our sound is very tight and we take pride in our musical connection.


We have our first album coming out in a by October 20th, which is self-titled.

Set List

We have well over two hours of orignal material which and another two hours of covers. Our covers include The Band, John Bulter Trio, The Wailers, Neil Young, Dispatch, Rehab, David Wilcox, The Beatles and many more. We like to play two hour sets with no breaks and a combination of mostly orignals with some covers sattered around.