String Fellow Hawks

String Fellow Hawks

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The String Fellow Hawks are an American band influenced by southern rock, blues and the loose change in their pockets. With growling melodies and a rock steady beat they'll move your groove to the rhythm of their music.


The band name originated from the singer's original birth name until concerned nurses persuaded his mother to change the child's name a few days after birth thinking it might be hard for a child to carry such an odd name. Alas, the name has finally found a home as rock and roll group, the String Fellow Hawks.
The String Fellow Hawks play an upbeat blend of southern rock and blues influenced tunes. They officially formed at the beginning of 2010, but have been playing together for 6 years.
January 2010 saw the start of a rigorous tour with Custard/Universal Artist Reni Lane and Wind Up Records artist Civil Twilight. The tour started in San Diego, hitting a
number of cities in California from Los Angeles, San Francisco, to Sacramento. Cities in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado also saw the newly formed band.
In the month of March 2010, The String Fellow Hawks rocked the East Coast cities in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, and New Jersey. In April of 2010, the band returned to perform again on the Western states of California,
Washington, Iowa, and Colorado.
With only a year and some days under their belts as the String Fellow Hawks they have already piqued local and out of state interest. They've received write ups from the Pasadena Weekly to the New York based rock magazine The Passenger. A good start for a good band that hopes to garner new experiences, see the world, have fun and most of all rock and roll.


Self Titled Ep scheduled to be released in November...

Set List

Texarkana To Galilee
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Love Like The Other
Howl To Pay
Black Feet
American Hips
No Nevermind