BandHip Hop

This music is my best means of projecting the fire that Christ has ignited in me for reaching people for him and the passion I have for His mission.


Jesus Christ. Plain and simple, thats my story. I'm determined to preach it and practice what I preach. Giving what I can't keep for what I can't loose, thats what I try to live by. It's hardfor people, Christian or not, to lay down worldly things for things that may be far better, but hard to see. I need to do my best to make those things seen and felt through Gods music. I'm 21, I'm from Huntington Station, Long Island, New York. LI is known to many as the dead end of the Christian Faith, but here I am, striving to be an Every Day Christian. I was saved as a little man at 4 yrs old, blessed to grow up in a Christian family. I've always had a drive to write and putting it to music just makes it all that much more effective. My influence is God's word and those who preach it straight. Everyone at CMR, Reach records, Gotee records, Beatmart, etc.


We Don't Mess

Written By: String

We Don’t Mess

Chorus: get down, get down, we don’t mess around, we don’t mess around, bob and bounce, throw them up, throw them up. 4X

Verse 1: God doesn’t choose, the option is mine,
the option is everybody’s, choose God, you’ll find/
more truth than I could have possibly got in these lines.
Forget the knockoffs, you want the top-of-the-line./
that’s definitely not Mohammed, no dead body can shine.
/so think for a moment, which one rose, and that’s the one making it hop tonight./
to the top, to the prime, can’t stop the divine, make it hot every time on the clock just trying/
to lead the transformation, call me optimus rhyme./
I read the word and speak the word, I’m trying to make it seen and heard./
to say that you don’t need the word is like saying plants don’t need the dirt./
you’re murdering your own soul, putting hope in a choke hold,/
and a life heading for the heat of the hell is so cold/
he’s got the answer to that question how to make your soul last,
but if you don’t want to listen man and don’t even ask.
But if you do then do it quick cause times not always gonna tic,
join the ranks, join the mission, sing the chorus till it sticks.


Verse 2: what ya gonna do when it’s hard to stop, bump bump to the beat, straight from the chop shop./
with the boom to the boom to the bop da bop, you really gotta ,got to assume the rooms gonna rock./
gotta move, wanna prove, I’m a true son of God, gimme room coming through gonna bloom on the spot,/
from the womb to the tomb I’m done choosing a side, and as soon as I’m through, I’m gonna get a new body./
but it’s too soon to lose my spot, I’ve gotta cruise and bruise the opp-/
osition, missions to impart hope in the true root to His heart./
so I gotta tell them all about who is God, gotta put it all together like shoes and socks, /
so I put together tunes, turn them blue on the spot, please excuse, they’re just too hot./
I’m stealing the show, send me to the cops, they’ll be bobbing their heads with their hand on a Glock ,/
I don’t have no booze, I don’t have no rock, never a high, I don’t have 22s on the ride./
they put up the wall but I blew the block, I’ma roll till the whole things good with God./
flying, throwing shifts , like Zoom Zoom bah, waving them off like shew shew bro./
gotta let the world know what’s all the hoopla, he’s waiting to answer anybody who knocks,/
handing out vaccines like the flu shot, he’s leaving marks like a tattoo shop./
you think you got something better, you do not. You don’t even really have a clue, do ya?
I lay it on tighter than a too too, haaaaa, beatin up beats like a voodoo doll.


Verse 3: started off slow and low and let the beat grow
with no intention of mentioning anyone but the lamb so
listen, don’t miss it, it’s insufficient if it isn’t sticking
to your soul like the gum on the floor, isn’t it crazy.
like a shot of adrenaline, feel the rush.
Heart beating like it’s never been, you can hear it, hush.
All praise be to the father, my strength, my love.
Yeah you know it, so I’m flowing like a bottle of bub.
And I’m glad to say, I’m feeling more free than the Palisades,
didn’t need chalazae, Jesus just needed to recalibrate
me, he saved me, I’m like a new man born,
like a baby, with something new to stand for.
And when I say we, I mean me and the Lord,
making more waves than the seashore, and…


I'm currently working on my 4th cd Which should be done in Dec. 07.