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Dragonfly CD Track Listings

Written By: Patrick / Hopper

CD Release Information

The name implies mysticism and ancientness, transformation and reverence. stringmansassy have paid tribute to this most mythological of creatures through their new CD Dragonfly.

An evolution from their critically acclaimed 2003 release Beautiful Day, Dragonfly explores the human experience. It presents a new collection of original songs composed especially for the album, traversing the themes of friendship, love and love’s despair. Moving through a variety of moods, it explores the questions of life path and the choices faced when following your heart. Dragonfly also pays tribute to two extraordinary musicians; Sting and Australian guitarist John Malcolm. stringmansassy have always been remarkable arrangers of music and once again bring their magic to the covered songs ‘Fragile’ and ‘Too Many Lovers’.

stringmansassy once again teamed with Producer and multi-instrumentalist Ben McCarthy (Pete Murray band) to produce a CD of extraordinary beauty. Ben joined stringmansassy at pre-production and continued with them to the studio, recording Dragonfly at the new Jumpstart Studios, Brisbane. Dragonfly was also mastered at Jumpstart by Dave Neil.

As music becomes more global, stringmansassy are developing a unique contemporary Australian musical style. This guitar and vocal ensemble has evolved from their traditional jazz and folk roots to create music that is important and socially relevant. As musicians before them, stringmansassy have become social commentators. Speaking from the heart, they express their hopes for the earth, for humanity and for the future through their music. Dragonfly presents a musical experience that allows us to feel profoundly and it encourages us all to discover our creativity and to love, cherish and nurture it within ourselves.


1. Rickshaw Man
Inspired by contact with the hardworking rickshaw drivers of Kathmandu (Nepal) and the sounds of the Buddhist mantra. Featuring Tenzin Choegyal performing Tibetan singing bowls, bells, gongs and the Mantra of Compassion.

2. Song For Delphi
Inspired by 10 year old Delphi and her words of wisdom about choice and following your heart. An ethereal and jazzy melody floats above expansive guitar harmonics.

3. Headless
A quirky and light-hearted groove based song about friendship and keeping a peaceful mind.

4. Look Around
An important political ballad, both timely and powerful. It comments on the eternal beauty of the earth countered by the global tragedies of the years since 2001. Inspired by the Bali bombing October 12th, 2002.

5. Fragile
stringmansassy’s acclaimed arrangement of the Sting classic ‘Fragile’. Featuring ‘Into The Forest’, a sound scape of the Australian bush, highlighting Kacey Patrick’s extraordinary vocal bird calls.

6. Safe
A love song rich in movement, inspired by the melodic rise and fall of the Celtic ballads.

7. Too Many Lovers
A laid back, jazz-blues version of the poignant and important song by great Australian songwriter and guitarist John Malcolm.

8. Glockenspiel
A lyrical and evocative guitar instrumental, which emulates the magical sounds of the bells a’top the town halls of Germany.

9. God’s Art
An up-tempo and funky African feel full of light and joy. ‘God’s Art’ speaks about creativity and the artist. It talks about people’s gifts and the idea that they may originate from some higher source. Inspired by artist and friend Velvet Pesu.

10. Nothingness
A simple and beautiful ballad of lost love.

11. Milonga
Vocalist Kacey Patrick wrote the lyrics ‘What Would You Have Me Do’, for the beautiful instrumental ‘Milonga’ by Jorge Cardoso. This arrangement showcases Aaron and Kacey’s synergy as musicians where the voice and guitar become a single instrument. It is a haunting love song about longing, and the hopes and fears experienced when love has been forsaken.

12. The Queen
An epic and elevating song about discovering magic, ‘The Queen’ comments upon the conflict of war vs peace and whether a heart can feel truly fulfilled in the pursuit of power. Inspired by ‘The Queen and The Soldier’ by Suzanne Vega.

13. Dragonfly
A joyful and lively song inspired by the magic of nature and the words of Haiku poet Chiyo. Hear the tones and rhythms of traditional African instruments emulated by Aaron Hopper on the guitar.

Headless (Instrumental Version)

Beautiful Day CD Release Information

Written By: Patrick / Hopper

“Beautiful Day” is the second full-length CD recording from the performance duo, Stringmansassy. The CD showcases guitarist Aaron Hopper, and vocalist Kacey Patrick in peak form, it is an exciting and unique recording - their best recorded work to date.

"Beautiful Day" was recorded and produced by Ben McCarthy, at Subtone Studio's, Brisbane, mixed at Rocking Horse Studio’s Byron Bay and mastered by Don Bartley at Studios 301, Sydney. Ben is a hot, up and coming producer who has worked with Tim Freedman (The Whitlams), Women in Docs, Pete Murray, and a host of Australian artists. Ben’s energy, talent and enthusiasm for the "Beautiful Day " project helped to push Stringmansassy to new heights in the studio.

"Beautiful Day" contains 8 inspired and skilfully written original works that move through a variety of moods and themes, augmented with 2 carefully arranged versions of songs by Brazilian master songwriter, Luiz Bonfa. Much of the album was written while the duo traveled and performed overseas during 2000/01.

Track Listing:

1. Gentle Rain (Luiz Bonfa) Hauntingly beautiful melody over a rain-like guitar accompaniment.

2. Helicopter (Hopper/Patrick)
Slow, retro styled and chilled out.
Helicopter is a jazz/groove piece about travelling.

3. Comes Back Around (Patrick/Hopper)
A lively jazz based song on the theme of losing love, but not losing the lesson.
Includes dynamic vocal percussion.

4. Before and After Rain (Hopper)
An impressionistic guitar instrumental reflecting the atmosphere, before, during and after a rain storm.

5. Beautiful Day (Hopper)
Encounters with great people & extraordinary places.
Hooks the ear with a simple melody.

6. A Day in the Life of a Fool – from Black Orpheus (Luiz Bonfa)
Kacey & Aaron’s favourite jazz song. Simultaneously melancholic and uplifting with its theme of unattainable love supported by energetic samba rhythms.

7. Berlin Café (Hopper/Patrick)
Dynamic gypsy jazz with swinging accompaniment and vocal improvisation. As the song progresses, the arrangement grows in intensity, exploding with energy in the final sections. Actual experiences at a favourite cafe in Berlin.

8. A Little Warm Death (Hopper/Patrick)
This song has captured the attention of so many people.
The emotional low point of the album, also one of the sweetest.
A song of lost love – the performance here appropriately chilling.

9. Lucky Day (Hopper/Patrick)
Funky, and full of humour displaying Stringmansassy’s wide cross over appeal.
Dancing to only guitar and vocals has seldom been more fun !

10. Red On Blue (Hopper/Patrick)
Celtic inspired melody that crescendo’s slowly and insistently to a powerful climax.
Inspired by the incredible beauty of twin sunrises at Stradbroke Island, Queensland and Olimpos, Southern Turkey.