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String Planet

Van Nuys, California, United States

Van Nuys, California, United States
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"CD review"

"the creative edginess sparks the imagination"

"quite different than anything I've heard before - the music is truly a unique blend of percussion and strings" - SPACE JUNKIES MAGAZINE

"on the debut STRING PLANET disc"

"it is the instrumentation that raised my life force. This is boldly going where few artists have gone before, very unique and exotic. A titanic triumph in listening splendor." - JAZZ EXODUS

"online opinions about STRING PLANET"

"In this industry of cookie cutter manufacturing of talent it is ultimately stimulating to touch upon artists who take innovation to the edge. Novi Novog and Larry Tuttle took the risk and engaged their talent to give birth to STRING PLANET." - JAZZ

"CD review"

"world, classical and new age elements all fused together to create a modern day eclectic synergy which is extremely expressive." - EURO CLUB DE JAZZ

"Online CD review"

"phrases that come to mind, though, are "grandly original", "intuitively inspired", "joyfully deep" and "wonderfully simple."

"This is clear music with a message that masquerades most memorably as joy and jubilation." - IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION

"Early review for "Songs From the Home Planet""

The members of String Planet are excited about the release of their new disc, and with good reason. It’s a rollicking good time that also puts a lot on the table for the musical sophisticate. Unlike their first album “String Planet”, this CD boldly includes unique interpretations of famous music as well as their own infectious original tunes.. With this collection Chapman Stick virtuoso Larry Tuttle and top session violist Novi Novog (joined by drummer/percussionist Jo Pusateri) continue to create music that is both accessible and interesting.

The centerpiece of “Songs From The Home Planet” will undoubtedly be the cover tunes. There are six: three pop songs and three arrangements of classical pieces. The album opens with a bang--their enthusiastic take on The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna” that turns it upside down and inside out. In typical String Planet fashion they take the major themes and find clever ways to re-state them to give the song a fresh new sound. The same approach is taken with “Stranger On The Shore” and “Sukiyaki”. Their choices of classical music are inspired: Prokofiev’s “Love For Three Oranges (March)” is an wild workout that “rocks the classics” as skillfully as anything from the Emerson, Lake and Palmer songbook. “Anitra’s Dance” from Grieg’s “Peer Gynt” loses none of its original mystery and power under their deft hands. Their arrangement of Saint-Saens’ “Carnival Of The Animals (Finale)” is a welcome reminder that classical music has its fun side.

The original compositions are no less appealing. They create moods that run the gamut from pastoral to boisterous, never losing sight of the importance of melody. As you might expect from its title, “The Whizzer” is an energetic jaunt with a bouncy rhythm. “Goodbye Goodluck” has a laid back feel that is evocative of the emotions one might experience when wishing somebody goodbye and good luck.. “Big Pig Jig” and “Pepe The Circus Dog” are fun romps that continue the animal theme that runs through their first album as well as their previous work (when asked about the significance of the recurring animal motif in their song titles, they replied that it meant “absolutely nothing--how about that?”). “Big George” is a slow number whose bluesy jazz chords and melodies have a “Porgy and Bess” feel in many instances, leading one to an educated guess as to the identity of the titular George. The album finishes with “East Is West”, an oriental-style melody that brings to mind imagery of Chinese junks sailing across exotic seascapes.

Both Tuttle and Novog have instrumental chops to spare, but they never display them just for the sake of showing off. They are seasoned performers who know how to use their skills to great effect. Their approach when making this album was to use fewer overdubs or additional instruments so that the sound more closely matches their live shows. Larry reports that it was “a joy to record, and with any luck at all, a joy to listen to.” Luck seems to be with String Planet because that’s exactly how it turned out. This album is well worth your attention. Please go to their website for ordering information. While you’re there check out their great live videos too!

- San Diego Troubadour


THROUGH THE GATES (Larry solo Stick CD)
ROAD TO JOY!! (Christmas)



STRING PLANET's bizarre blend of pop and classical comes from Novi and Larry's common history - heavy-duty saturation in orchestral music early in life, followed by serious misadventures in pop music later on.

Novi's groups include Chunky, Novi and Ernie, Sumner and Lauren Wood. She was even a member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention for a short while. As a session musician, she has a huge list of studio credits including the famous solo on The Doobie Brothers' "Black Water" and Prince's "Purple Rain" and "Raspberry Beret."

Larry's turn through rock music was centered around the power-pop/progressive rock group Russia, later called Force 10, with whom he played bass on two albums for Warner Brothers Records. Then in 1984 he discovered the Chapman Stick and everything changed, leading to the formation of FREEWAY PHILHARMONIC and meeting Novi in 1986.

Larry and Novi met playing in the band FREEWAY PHILHARMONIC. With that group they released four albums and toured all over North America, staying together for fifteen years. STRING PLANET is the next step in that evolution.

“SONGS FROM THE HOME PLANET” uses creative and sometimes outlandish readings of familiar music to introduce an unsuspecting world to the sound of STRING PLANET. Jo Pusateri contributes drums, percussion and mallets to the proceedings.

Besides concerts, STRING PLANET offers school assembly programs ("Music and the Imagination"), plus workshops for young string players (they've worked as clinicians for the Henry Mancini Institute)

Novi and Larry also perform frequently with acoustic artist Lindsay Tomasic - check out the possibility of a "two-bands-in-one" booking - visit Lindsay's site at