String Theory

String Theory


Rush meets Miles who runs into Pink Floyd and then they all go to a party at Steve Kimock's house. String Theory occurs when three guys who like to push the limits of music get together and turn the predictable into the extraordinary.


A supergroup of sorts, the band consists of Amos Cochran, Clinton Lancaster, and Michael Silvey. All three performed together in the Thomas Grey Band, recepient of the 2003 Ozark Music Awards and 2004 Northwest Arkansas Music Awards New Band of the Year award. The three eventually went their separate ways only to reunite in December of 2004 with the idea of putting their experiences and musical aptitude to good use. One might find it difficult, albeit enjoyable, to categorize the genre of music these three create, but it’s safe to say that no kind of music is off limits as the three have a wide range of musical influences. From artists Miles Davis to Eric Johnson to Tool, the three showcase their individual tastes and talent on a nightly basis. String Theory released
its self-titled debut album in March to much anticipation and critical acclaim. Within the past year, the band has been nominated for New Band of the Year in both the Ozark Music Awards and Norhwest Arkansas Music Awards. Between the positive feedback from live shows, stellar reviews from online music databases, praise from local musicans, and award nominations, the future certainly looks bright for these three twenty-something musicians

2005-2006 Award Nominations

Ozark Music Awards:
-New Band of the Year
-Guitar Player of the Year
-Drumer of the Year
-Bass Player of the Year
-Sax Player of the Year

North West Arkansas Music Awards:
-Jam Band of the Year
-New Band of the Year(winner)


EP 05'
"String Theory" Released March 2006

-Georges Majestic (Fayetteville, AR) Brian Crowne
-Free Weekly- Su-Lauren Perry,

Set List

Sets can be as short as 3 minutes or as long as
4 Hours

Cover Songs
Tom Sawyer - Rush
The Spirit of Radio - Rush
Money - Pink Floyd
Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
Whippin' Post - Allman Brothers Band
The Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
Bad Moon Rising - Credence Clearwater Revival
Possum Kingdom - The Toadies
Basketcase - Green Day
Tomorrow - Silverchair
Spirits In The Material World - The Police
The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Original Songs
Could Have Broken it Easier
Mother Fucker
Fortress of Strength
Missing Countdown
A. Swim Song
C'est La Vie
Again Tonight
Five Stones