We love to play


"Strippop" are born in 1999.
Luca Furigo, Simone Furigo, Davide Martini and Fulvio Tassi begin to play cover of Rem, Radiohead, Pearl Jam and Blur.
In june exits their first promo-CD named "La Comuna Ep (containing 6 songs) autoproduced, which it follows an attended limited promotional turn in of a successive product of quality.
To the end of November the four finish the jobs in order to gain a room in the new house named the Leonarda, and immediately the Strippop produced a new song used for the cd-single for christmas 2001; title of this song was "When I grow up".
In this time, Strippop were contact to the label Kiff Record.
To November, after an exhibition to the MEI of Faenza, the Strippop leaves for Cuneo in order to begin the pre-production of the CD.
After various modifications and arrangments the Strippop begins, in July 2003, the definitive recording of the traces that compose the 13 songs of the CD.
In the July 2004 the band opens the concert of the Marlene Kuntz - with which a solid relationship is established - in the square of Asti, in occasion of the manifestation Asti in Music.
The CD - "Factory" has been produced and recorded from Riccardo Parravicini and has seen the participation of the Architorti (Africa Joined, Subsonic, Madaski) in the songs "Really" and "Regress" and of the guitarist Fabrizio Viscardi (Mao Mao, De Gregori) in the song I sing on your Radio. The final mastering has been made in the HCC studies of London by John Layer.
Factory has obtained an optimal consent from part of the critics and of the public too.
Actually the band have had some change of line up. Fulvio, the guitarist, has taken other way and the Strippop now are becomes a trio. Luca singing and sound the guitar now. Actually, the Strippop are workin'on the pre-production of the next CD.


One CD named Factory (13 songs). Rel. 2005

Set List

No cover, songs from the 1st cd and songs made for the next cd (spring 2007). Acoustic parts inside
the set. We use bases. No cover.