Puyallup, Washington, USA

STRIPT is a unique & aggressive rock band w/a dark & innovative style, combined w/a lot of energy & passion present in their music & performances.... Serena's wails and cries will only leave you wanting more, while the band's power trio sound will take you on a definitive journey w/each song.


Meet the Band:
Serena Thomson - vocalist - has a vocal range that varies from singing with primal angst to sweet & angelic sincerity. Vocals are delivered in a chilling, sometimes haunting, yet peaceful array that will leave you wanting more. Serena takes vocal lessons from Susan M. Carr for the past four years. Susan Carr was the vocal coach to Mastodon, Alien Ant Farm, and Alice In Chains. Serena is featured in Susan Carrs Art of Screaming Documentary. Serena has judged bands in battles which the bands would walk away winning cash prizes.

Tony Hernandez - guitarist, backing vocalist - creates beautiful melodic compositions and dynamic leads that have become a staple to STRIPT's unique style. Tony has played in various rock bands from Los Angeles - Sacramento - Seattle. He has opened up for bands such as Quiet Riot and Great White; and has headlined shows for the Sacramento radio station 98 Rock FM to benefit to fight leukemia. A great musical composer, Tony creates a beautiful melodic sound that has become a staple to STRIPT's unique style.

Brandon Carr -bassist - is what happens when old-school metal meets fusion rock. B's energy and creativity help fuel the STRIPT engine. A life-long bass enthusiast, B has played in bands of various genres from Indiana, Oregon and Washington. Brandon style draws from all these experiences, along with his own influences on bass to create a unique and innovative, funk-driven bass sound. B's energy and creativy help fuel the STRIPT engine.

Patrick Carrol - drummer- sets the varying tempos, while providing dynamic percussions, for the band. He started playing drums in a death metal band out of Kansas as well as a black metal band. He has been playing drums for the past 9-10 years. Patick also lays down all the additional effects used in the STRIPT original, "This World Is Mine", which will be released on the band's upcoming CD - look for it this winter.

After releasing their first full-length CD in January 2010, STRIPT decided to go a different direction on drums. In February 2010, Tony met Patrick Carroll and invited him to an audition. Patrick officially joined the band in March 2010. Alas, we are at our current, most dynamic line up.
Since the summer of 2009, STRIPT has performed all over Washington State at venues including El Corazon, Studio 7, The Central, Hells Kitchen, Jazzbones, Charlies Bar & Grill, Malarkey's, 4th Avenue Tavern, the Kamel Toe, Station 56, Flights Pub, Haley's Bar & Grill, Club Motor, Tracey's Place, The Backstage, Central Ave. Pub, New Frontier Lounge ... to name a few. STRIPT has also played music festivals including The King Couny Fair and Slave to the Metal.

STRIPT's stage show and sound has been noticed locally; and has provided them the opportunity to open up for national touring acts Sublime LBC, Big High, Enigma Show Devils and Motograter.
Currently, STRIPT just completed the production on their 2nd CD, "Secrets". You can find the tracks released here.

- STRIPT's self-titled debut album was released January 2010. It has already received airplay on the Evergreen College radio station in Olympia and on 104.9 FM the Funky Monkey. Just recently we have aired on podcast, New Music Tampa Bay, Unregular Radio, and Maximum Threshold.

Serenas energetic passion, Tonys dark style, Brandon's innovative bass, and Patrick's powerful percussions are all relevant elements in the very unique and original sound STRIPT has created.


Long Time

Written By: Stript

It's been a long time. Death is a long time. Crippled and diseased away I wrought. It's been a long time, a real long time, since you stole the only one I got.

You take from me I take from you and in the end everything you've got your gonna loose.

It's been a long time. Life is a long time. A moment spent is a moment lost. It's been a long time. You think it's a long time. Most seconds forgranted, I pay my cost.

You take from me I take from you and in the end everything you've got your gonna loose. You take from me I take from you and in the end everything you've got your gonna loose.

It's been a long time forever's a long time. Buried they eat flesh away from me. It's been a long time, down here a long time. This life is short compared to death you see.

You take from me I take from you and in the end everything you've got your gonna loose. You take from me I take from you and in the end everything you've got your gonna loose.


STRIPT, LP - 2010

1. Lonely Mold
2. Long Time
3. Can't Let Go
4. Love And Hate
5. Change Your Ways
6. Needles Make Me Happy
7. Alone To Die
8. My Prison

STRIPT, Secrets - 2011

1. Foolish Game
2. Secrets
3. This World Is Mine
4. Break Through These Chains
5. Never
6. Suffer
7. Borrowed Time
8. Die Today

Set List

1: Lonely Mold
2: Foolish Game
3: Love & Hate
4: Secrets
5: This World Is Mine
6: Can't Let Go
7: Needles Make Me Happy
8: Suffer
9: Die Today
10: Change Your Ways
11: Breaking Through These Chains
12: Borrowed Time
13: My Prison
14: Never
15: Long Time