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The best kept secret in music


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2003 - Strip To It - Sensually Enhanced Music & Multimedia

2005 - Strip To It - Bump n' Grind

2008 - Strip To It - Fantasies


Feeling a bit camera shy


To create great music to strip to, you need great musicians, sexy vocalists, and a producer with just a little too much "Sex On Da Brayne" to pull it all together.

Stephen "Da Brayne" Sherrard is the producer behind the Strip To It products. A full time professional music producer and recording engineer in the greater Seattle area, Steve has been working in the music business professionally for more than 15 years, and has been involved with music since a very early age.

Steve worked on staff at a major recording studio in Seattle for several years while building up his own production company on the side.

In addition to producing all the music on the Strip To It CDs, Steve also shot, or produced, and edited the video and put together the instructional multimedia content.

So, what makes a guy qualified to put together sexy music and exotic dancing instructional material for a woman oriented product like Strip To It??

"First off, I'm a man, and I know what men like. Like most men, I am visually stimulated, and I love it when my wife puts on a sexy outfit and surprises me with an erotic dance. So, I decided to enlist the help of several professional dancers to put together some great instructional material to teach other women how to turn their guys on with their own exotic dancing."

"I also come from a very musical background and seem to have a natural talent for putting together great music. Although I don't consider myself the best musician around, I am fortunate to be able to surround myself with some of the best musicians in the business who really help make my music come alive. The music for the first Strip To It CD was developed over the course of a few years in the little bit of free time I had between other projects. I test marketed the music for a year on (the former version), under the alias of Da Brayne, and did very well with it. I did even further testing with professional dancers, and even had it played by DJs at Strip Clubs to make sure the music worked for both the dancers and the audience."

"For the brand new Strip To It - Core Moves & Fantasies DVD I developed the unique concept of Performance Videos, with dress-up fantasy theme soundtracks mixed in full 5.1 channel Dolby Digital surround sound. The video portion of the Performance Videos has simple graphic patterns synchronized to the music that are meant to be used as sexy backlighting for the women while they do their dances. I spent over a year on the music (between other projects), and again called in some of the best studio musicians in the Seattle area to make the music come alive, including the drummer for Heart, Ben Smith. This time around I focused on a modern movie soundtrack feel for the music, with dialog snippets and sound effects to help set the scene for each dress-up fantasy. Since the earlier two products featured more "electronic" based music, this time around I went for more of a rock feel, and worked with several excellent guitar players, along with the live drums from Ben Smith. Of course, there are a few other styles mixed in, such as country, reggae, and even some Eastern influences."

"For the Strip To It - Bump n' Grind I spent over a year producing the music. I started by studying what the dancers I worked with liked to lap dance and strip to, and then produced my own original music using similar beats and styles and working with several award winning Hip-Hop, RnB, and Jazz artists. As with the first Strip To It CD, the goal was to create a CD that would stand on its own and that people would enjoy listening to for a long time."

"Some of the songs on the original Strip To It CD are six or seven years old now, but I still enjoy listening to them myself. That's my ultimate test for music... If I still find that I enjoy listening to a song even after the countless number of times I have heard it while recording and mixing it, then I know it's a good song! If it's been a year or two since I produced the music and I still find that I enjoy listening to the song, then I know that it's a great song! I still enjoy listening to the music on all of the Strip To It discs, and so do many others."