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The first album "Matanuska Thunder Funk" released in '03, was an experiment; the newest version of pro tools LE in the hands of eager musicians... the second album "Bioresonance Therapy" featured a few revised versions of cuts from Matanuska; a little more experienced with the pro tools now. Bio- therapy was rushed and released in 2006 with several songs from another time when there might have been boundaries for us to abide by.

Communicate has had radio play mostly in San Diego on 94.9 and 91X and all over CA OR and CO. There is one acoustic song we released for radio and is being played all over the country on local reggae shows. Other wise, random songs at times to promote a show coming up in the area.

The latest album is due out early '08 and is being recorded professionally and is not being rushed. The band is maturing and this is by far the most marketable album yet. Look for it soon:

"The Harmonic Convergence"



Strive Roots thrives on a vision of world unity and prosperity...

The band consists of a visionary, a punk rocker and a ladies man. Together, they accomplish what has never been seen or heard before. Their sound is a blend of metalesque-screaming guitar riffs, driving, upbeat rhythms and sub-sonic bass lines mixed with pure passion to make people dance and sing uncontrollably, while responding to the prompting of front man, Eli Lieberman.

Fan bases are growing rapidly throughout the West coast, especially in California, Colorado and Oregon. Fans are always left hungry for more after the band lands with their undeniable sound.

Strive Roots appeals to all: young and old, metal or hip-hop, punkers and rastas, the funky and the rudes; even the jamband hippies are mezmorized by the boundary-breaking sound of Strive Roots' trade marked genre, Roots Infuzed Power Groove.
-Along with a large online fan base, Strive Roots has been touring 6-8 times a year since 2003.
-Headlining large music venues in Hollywood, San Diego, Denver and Portland.
-Performing with artists including Buck'O'Nine, De La Soul, Particle, North Mississippi Allstars, Blackalicious, SpearHead, Drew Emmit and John Popper.

Strive Roots is not shy, but humble and grateful. In April 2007, Strive Roots was asked to open for De la Soul, Particle and North Mississippi All Stars. The next day, Strive Roots was featured on the cover of the local Colorado newspaper.

Some of the most exciting times for this band has been the whirlwind of plugs around the globe from Snowboarding Goddess and 2006 U.S. Olympic gold medalist, Miss Hannah Teter. Hannah had the Strive Roots track, "Communicate", pumping loud enough for the entire world to hear on her run when she received her highest score and took the Gold medal.