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"Striving in Greater Hopes"

At first glance, you wouldn’t expect the petite frame of Cyrille Robes to produce such a powerful and soulful voice, but then again the Long Island, NY based band Striving in Greater Hopes (S.I.G.H) has grown accustomed to surprising people. Fusing melodies and catchy lyrics, S.I.G.H produces music that is both hard hitting and raw. S.I.G.H’s aggressive approach to song writing and their mixture of so many different genres, including metal, pop, hard rock and punk, really gives most, if not every listener something to enjoy. Cyrille’s melodic voice perfectly balances the heavy rock riffs of the rest of the band. With their sound echoing bands such as Incubus, Evanescence and Killswitch Engage, S.I.G.H’s metal-driven pop rock is nothing short of entertaining. Their sound remains fresh and unique by combining various styles of diverse bands, yet still adding their own spices into the mixture. Bassist and back up singer, JayR Castillo, accompanies Cyrille’s graceful and upbeat singing with his energetic screams throughout different tracks on their self-titled EP. With their fast riffs and thoughtful lyrics, Striving in Greater Hopes creates unforgettable music. If it’s not their fusion of genres that will get you hooked on each track, it’s the catchy choruses. Each track on their EP has a chorus that will inhabit your mind for days on end and song titles like “Ignoraphobia” and “Schandenfreude” are sure to get your attention even before listening.

S.I.G.H’s 4-song EP rocks from start to finish. Each track has its own unique style, and each band member’s talent brings something important to their sound. Jeff Lyons sets the pace on the drums, JayR brings the groove on the bass, guitarist Jason Mueller and Ithaca College senior Daniel Buquicchio add the killer riffs and Cyrille brings it all together with her amazing voice. With all of their own original material and growing fan base, S.I.G.H continues to tour all around the North East with scheduled concerts almost every week. Check out their music and tour schedule. Catch a show if you’re in the area. You won’t be disappointed. - Jackie McBrien -

"Interview with Cyrille Robes of SiGH (Striving in Greater Hopes)"

Through the combination of fusing melodies, catchy lyrics and a powerful voice, great music is born. For the Long Island, NY based band, Striving in Greater Hopes (S.I.G.H), this musical formula has remained undoubtedly true. Forming in 2001, by founding members Cyrille Robes and JayR Castillo, S.I.G.H has already played over 45 shows around New York and New Jersey. With their raw talent and steadfast dedication, S.I.G.H continues to grow and gain more fans each day.

“I started singing at age 3” says vocalist Cyrille Robes, “Filipinos are karaoke lovers and my parents loved it when we sang and entertained them”. But Cyrille, now in her mid-20s, wanted to perform and entertain a much larger crowd. “I came to the U.S. in 2000 to pursue my career in actuarial science. I always knew in my heart though that singing was my passion. Fate led me to meet JayR. He was in a rock band back then and I would constantly go to their shows. I wanted so badly to sing and be the person on stage”. Not too long after meeting, both JayR and Cyrille began writing music and playing many live acoustic shows around New York. Despite the positive responses they received from the audience members, they wanted more; a band to bring the rock. After auditioning many potential members, and traveling through a couple different line-ups, S.I.G.H now exists with Cyrille on vocals, JayR on bass, Jeff Lyons on drums, and guitarists Daniel Buquicchio and Jason Mueller.

S.I.G.H’s ability to combine heavy rock riffs with melodic vocals is simply the beginning of their countless talents. Along with writing and performing all of their own material, they also record all of it…on their own. After much saving and commitment, JayR and Cyrille built their personal recording studio in JayR’s basement. “We've probably spent over $20,000 with building the studio, buying equipment for it and equipment for live shows”, says Cyrille. But it’s all worth it to them. “We hope that we'll be able to touch people's feelings through our music and make them understand that they are not alone. We also hope that we're able to help them through the hard times and have our music serve as inspiration”. So far, they have been doing just that, with a dedicated fan base and packed concerts, Striving in Greater Hopes is definitely a band that will make an important footprint in today’s music. - Music Patch Magazine

"SiGH - Striving in Greater Hopes EP CD Review"

With pure passion, emotion and talent, Long Island, New York’s Striving in Greater Hopes (S.I.G.H) delivers nothing but powerful music and skillful musicianship. Their four song, self-titled EP is simply amazing from start to finish. Their combination of heavy yet melodic melodies and catchy lyrics makes each song unique and entertaining.

“Igoraphobia”, the first track on the EP, launches the four song assault with an infectious guitar riff. The song manages to be aggressive and soft at the same time, which is most apparent in the haunting yet compelling vocals. Singer, Cyrille Robes’ graceful and beautiful voice is accompanied by the energetic screams of bassist JayR Castillo. The vocals, music and lyrics on this track are unparalleled, sending this song into musically uncharted territory.

“Sacrifice” sends a unique lyrical message to the listener. With a blended sound of rock, metal and pop, the song sends the EP in a different direction. The appropriately titled song is the band’s ode to fellow musicians who have been struggling to keep everyone around them satisfied at their own expense. S.I.G.H again showcases their many talents during “Sacrifice”, from the killer riffs to the addicting chorus.

The third track, “Schadenfreude”, provides a musical atmosphere that is as diverse and unforgettable as the title. The song’s initial dose of heavy guitar, bass and drums set the stage for a blended hard rock/metal masterpiece. Cyrille’s vocals gracefully sweep into the verse and crash into the chorus with a power that will surely leave listeners speechless and wanting more.

“Snap” is an enchanting ballad that is musically mellow and lyrically aggressive. The guitars add a perfect amount of melody to accompany the vocals and the drums delicately set the pace along with the constant head swaying groove from the bass. Snap is the perfect way to complete the hard rocking demo.

S.I.G.H’s EP will surely leave listeners speechless. Their aggressive approach to writing and recording music is clearly heard through each track. The four song demo was written and recorded by the band in their basement studio, and the production is crystal clear from start to finish. The guitars are crisp and crunchy enough not to drown out the bass, the drum sound is natural and the vocals are simply mesmerising. This alone is an amazing accomplishment from such a young and rising band. - Split Magazine | | by Jacqueline McBrien


LP Album "Between Sin and Solitude"
1. Ignoraphobia
2. Un-driven
3. Take me as I am
4. It's Alright
5. Sacrifice
6. You Ougtha Know by Alanis Morissette
7. Paranoid
8. Snap
9. Problems
10. Schadenfreude
11. Un-driven (Acoustic Version)

1. Ignoraphobia
2. Sacrifice
3. Shadenfreude
4. Snap

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Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H) is a melodic hard rock act from Long Island, New York that is ready to break out into today's evolving music scene. S.i.G.H has been known to leave audiences in a state of euphoria and awe with their haunting vocals, crushing guitars and thunderous rhythm section. The members of the band include Sigh Robes on vocals, JayR Castillo on bass, Daniel Buquicchio on guitars and Frankie Bianco on drums. Each member of the band contributes their influences into the music that they write, record and produce. This creates a dynamic hard rock group that draws inspiration from pop rock, alternative, metal, and blues. S.i.G.H does not wish to align themselves with a particular genre or scene. Their goal is to create music that people can relate to. The band has built their own studio where they recently recorded their first full length album, "Between Sin and Solitude". The album's eleven tracks represent the band's originality and bring together their diverse musical and cultural backgrounds. Each member of S.i.G.H has the same goal: to play music for the masses. They are ambitious, professional, and above all dedicated to the music that they play. Striving in Greater Hopes is certainly a band to look out for in today's colorful urban rock scene.

To hear S.i.G.H.'s music, please visit their official website at or . Make sure your speakers are on because the music will automatically play for you. You can purchase the band's cd, "Between Sin and Solitude", at, iTunes, and (Lonneytunes). Turn the volume up, this album is meant to be played loud!