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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF | AFTRA

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Hip Hop Pop


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XXL Freshman 2016 is coming and the freshman hopefuls are gearing up to possibly make this year’s class. With the 10th Spot voting happening now, we have to let the potentials tell us why they should appear on this year’s cover.
Up next is Brooklyn rapper, Stro. The young MC became a national name during the first season of The X Factor. After placing seventh in the competition, Stro, who is formerly known as Astro, would go on an release a string of mixtapes while also finding success in acting. Most recently he starred as Dash Hosney in a FOX series called Red Band Society. Watch above as Stro tells us why he should appear on the coveted XXL Freshman list.

Read More: Stro’s Pitch for XXL Freshman 2016 - XXL | - XXL

While most 9-year-olds were watching Power Rangers and wrestling with their peers, Stro was emulating legendary emcees like Rakim and Nas. “I feel like I’ve been rapping my entire life,” he says. Now 19 years old, he’s proven himself as a formidable lyricist, most recently with his mixtape Best By Far. Adding a new visual component to the project, Stro returns with the music video for “Fly Guy Rap / Boondocks,” a spoof on the iconic TV show Yo! MTV Raps.

“I got the idea for the video from an interview Method Man did with Yo! MTV Raps. He was being interviewed by Fab 5 Freddy on a tour bus. As far as the experience shooting the video, it was hell. The first scene was filmed on top of a tour bus in NYC when it was like 20 degrees outside. If you look closely, you can see a tear rolling down Jack Thriller’s face because it was so cold. We did a few takes and eventually got a good one, but it was brick outside. Plus, we had to duck and dodge traffic lights. The second scene was very hard too. I had to film the whole scene backwards, rap it backwards, and perform it backwards. But me and the homie @shotbycisco went hard and got it done.”

The construction of the track itself, however, was less hectic. “‘Fly Guy Rap / Boondocks’ is two songs in one,” he explains. “The first being an instrumental looped by myself and the second is produced by the bro @Laronisaloser. This song represents raw vibes. No real structure, just bars and chill beats.”

Watch the premiere of the video for “Fly Guy Rap / Boondocks” in the player above, listen to Stro’s Best By Far mixtape below, and stay tuned for more: “I’m working on a new EP coming out this year. I think my fan base believes that I can rap, and now it’s time to make them believe in my record making abilities.” - Mass Appeal

Astro and Bishop Nehru chin checks the igeneration on the gripping track dubbed “K.I.N.G. (Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified),” featuring Bishop Nehru. Over laid-back drums and kicks, Nehru and Astro drop insightful raps about an industry that keeps rappers moving like robots by encouraging rhymes about money, hoes, clothes and new gadgets. Astro’s fluid flow meshes perfectly with the Mass Appeal signee. Together, the babyface rappers make higher learning music for your ears and brain.

“K.I.N.G.” comes from Astro’s Computer Era EP, you can stream below and purchaseon iTunes. Also peep “K.I.N.G” above. - Vibe

Stro (formerly known as Astro) is back with the video for his single “K.I.N.G.” featuring Bishop Nehru. The song appeared on Stro’s 2014 EP Computer Era and is an acronym for Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified. The track is a socially conscious ditty that examines the glorification of items in the Black community, and the symbolic video treatment helps push home the message. In the clip, Stro and Nehru pose as important Black political figures Malcolm X and Huey P Newton. The treatment portrays the mental en-slavery of today’s youth who try to keep up with the Joneses instead of following their own path.

Back when the EP was first released, XXL caught up with the 18-year-old rapper and former YouTube star and he talked about how the Internet was ruining the game. “As far as when it comes to the music, it’s killing everything,” he said. “People aren’t taking their time with the music no more, there’s less quality in the records. It’s the exact opposite of that. It’s almost a contradiction.”

He continued, “For the majority [of rappers] to be wack, that’s crazy. It’s like the cats that were shining were nice, you had a few that were wack cats that had videos on TV, but it wasn’t the majority. The cats that are doing they thing, you have to search to really find them, to find rappers that can actually rap and speak messages in the music. That’s not a good thing all.” - XXL Magazine

Before even seeing the brand new “K.I.N.G.” video from Stro featuring Bishop Nehru, you probably already had the feeling and thought that these two young artists will be around for awhile thanks to their skill and substance. They take it a step even further paying homage to those before them while blending modern day relevancy addressing the love of reality shows, iPhone infatuations and much more.

Check out the dope collaboration between Stro and Bishop Nehru in the new “K.I.N.G.” video below. If you haven’t already grabbed ‘Computer Era‘ from Stro be sure to do so via iTunes here and peep both artists killing the freestyle on Sway in the Morning afterwards. Respect. - Sway's Universe

Before I could appreciate the musicality of Illmatic, I admired the teenager that eloquently articulated the madness of his world. Nasty Nas was seemingly evicted from the womb holding a pen and pad with a doobie chain and a perfectly parted fade. I went through most of my teenage years trying to discover where I was going, who I wanted to be, and seeing him uncovering his gift so early impacted me more than watching Kriss Kross or a Lil Bow Wow. The voice of a young man with the words of a sage, his talent and maturity wasn’t a representation of his age.

We expect teenagers to be lost in a cycle of grades, girls and television garbage, immature and innocent, but when you hear music from young men/women whose minds have evolved beyond the stigmas and low expectation, it gives you a rush. Parents will be impressed if your rhymes are more complex than Dr. Seuss, but to impress me, you have to offer more than elementary lines and high school love poems. I have high hopes for Jaden Smith, he has started to show promise, I believe he won’t be the typical teenager rapper in the coming years, but if I had to pick one artist, too young to enjoy the magical, Magic City Mondays but talent and maturity isn’t a representation of his age, that would be Astro.

The album Computer Era was recorded in a bedroom by Astro, an 18-year-old Brooklyn born rap artist. By the time you reach the third song, "Champion," you will have forgotten his age and whatever judgments you placed on where the recording took place. The quality assures this isn’t amateur hour; the crisp mixing is to ears what FKA Twigs is to eyes. His prowess with words and rhymes left me believing the entire project was written under the same sycamore tree that Jay Z was conceived under. It isn’t uncommon to find artists with admiration for the Golden Era, but it’s different with Astro, his '90s influences are overshadowed by his charisma and self-confidence. He tames the style of his forefathers and owns it.

I give him kudos for rapping well, but that isn’t the most impressive aspect of the album. Astro is constructing songs and executing concepts that will put some of his seniors to shame. He showcases excellent storytelling with “My Brothers Keeper,” social awareness with "K.I.N.G (Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified)," snapshots the modern era with "Internet Goon" and pure honesty on "Ghetta Story," almost every song has a mission to prove his growing artistry and talent. There isn’t a moment that feels “repetitive,” “childish” or “immature,” but there’s still some shock value in the fact that a young man is making music of this caliber. There aren’t any club records, there isn’t any partying, not a single song to stick in the microwave for quick consumption. Despite what his X Factor beginnings might suggest, Astro is a serious artist, and wants his craft taken serious. His high-school peers are probably cocooned in their youth, lost in the allure of wild and free living, while he is focused on his career, a sacrifice that will reward him once the curse of age affects them all.

More than just Computer Era, what intrigued me to truly give Astro a listen is that he aspires to be the Jay Z of Blue Ivy’s generation. How can you ignore an artist that proclaims such a title? Then Sway called him “the future and the present” after Astro killed his "5 Fingers Of Death" freestyle. Ignoring him at that point would be criminal. I didn’t know about him being a contestant on X-Factor, I didn’t hear his previous album Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics, but I can say Computer Era is good enough to make me want to dig up the archives. This is the kind of project that makes you feel good about where the youth could be headed, that they aren’t just wasting their lives on social media, devouring junk food and junk music.

Astro isn’t lost, he isn’t trying to discover himself, he has found his gift and will give kids the feeling that Nas gave me, while making the kind of music even adults can enjoy. While I wait for Jaden to tap into his potential, I’ll be keeping up with Astro, the most intriguing youngster coming up. - DJ BOOTH

Stro calls for attention at the jump of K.I.N.G. (Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified), and for good reason, this man has some thought-provoking things to say. In the video, the two New York emcees put light to their concerns with American society: stereotype-driven rap, materialism, prostitution, slanted media and corrupt police. They reference Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, and Minister Louis Farrakhan in the piece.

The verses from Stro and Bishop Nehru are among the best of 2015, and they're just a couple '90s babies. It's nice to see that New York is making moves. Stro preaches the following in his verse, as pedestrians walk down the street in expensive sneakers, chained at the ankles. - Hip Hop DX

It's been nearly a decade since Astro, aka The Astronomical Kid, popped up on the scene as a 10-year-old YouTube star. Now in 2014, the 18-year-old rapper stars in his own TV show, is appearing alongside Liam Nelson in a movie called A Walk Among The Tombstones, and is in the midst of releasing his first commercial project, aptly titled Computer Era. Although not even old enough to have a drink, with a decade under his belt, Astro may just be the youngest veteran in the game. And according to him, in five years he'll be one of the greatest to ever do it.

XXL caught up with Astro in the midst of what he refers to as his Section .80-styled debut project, Computer Era. We spoke about the concept behind the LP, growing up with Bobby Shmurda and venturing into the world of acting. —Miranda J - XXL Magazine

This kid can SPIT! Astro blesses the mic with a freestyle! - BET Networks

Former X Factor contestant tells Mixtape Daily his Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics is a shoutout of sorts to his father who was never around. - MTV News

Astro, aka the Astronomical Kid from Season 1 of The X Factor USA; released his new mixtape, Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics, today via I still think this teen MC could be a huge hip-hop star, and I am so glad to see that he did not give up after he was eliminated from The X Factor; in seventh place. Astro sounds young and fresh--yet he traffics in an old-skool style that could appeal to hip-hop fans of a certain age who miss the halcyon and 90s days of Yo! MTV Raps; And he just spits talent, literally. - Yahoo

Astro may be a youngster, but his appreciation of authentic hip hop is strong and alive. - In Flex We Tust

Astro - Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics - MTV

The highly anticipated new mixtape from Astro entitled “Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics” hosted by DJ Tech. This new project showcases the Brooklyn emcee’s lyrical growth as well as solid production from: 9th Wonder, BrandUn DeShay, ThatLoserLaron (who is 14yrs old) and MF Doom. The buzz around this mixtape is crazy due to Astro’s lead single “He Fell Off”, which has every taking notice of the BK lyricist giving NYC Hip-Hop a much needed shot in the arm. Astro “The Astronomical Kid” is poised to add to his already growing buzz and further stake his claim as one of the best young Emcee’s in the game. Without further adieu we present to you “Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics”. - All Hip Hop

Astro presents us with another visual from his Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics mixtape. - 2 Dope Boyz

The former X-Factor star flexes his lyrical muscles on the instrumental, serving as an appetizer for his forthcoming mixtape, Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics. - XXL

Teenage Brooklyn rapper, Astro, talks about being a young MC and how he balances work with school in an interview with Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds. He also touches on how he spends his time productively and his current side-projects. After the interview, he spits FIRE for Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds. - Hot 97

Don’t let the title fool you, Astro is rapping his ass off on these songs. And the beats—damp, thick, with a dash of nostalgia— aren’t too shabby, either. - Roc4Life

Astro a.k.a. The Astronomical Kid made a big splash on The X-Factor in 2011. The young emcee is looking to capitalize on his new fame with an upcoming mixtape titled Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics. Check out his new music video for "He Fell Off." - This is 50

Stro, formerly known as Astro, formerly known as the Astronomical Kid, is coming back with a vengeance and drops his Ghostface-inspired “Mighty Healthy ’16″. Spitting bars on top of bars, Stro flexes his matured flow and style over a head-nodding beat that is produced by Stan Da Man. In the video Stro is seen in the laundromat and is greeted by a gorgeous woman. Later the woman is seen driving to a house party, blasting the Brooklyn MC’s song and singing the lyrics word for word. The video os direct by Mr.Michael John. XXL caught up with Astro about his future in music and venturing into the world of acting.

The young upstart was recently on Hot 97 and debated with Ebro about the lack of support of New York based artist from local radio stations. “In order to spread the brand, I need support of radio,” Stro said. Ebro responded, “We can’t support you yet. You’re not hot enough.” The interview gets heated and it’s very interesting. - XXL

Formerly known as Astro, Brooklyn native Stro managed to appear on the radar of Hip Hop after dropping last year’s highly lauded effort Computer Era. Of course, that came after the 19-year-old rapper dropped a slew of under-the-radar mixtapes going back as far as five years ago. At this point, it’s safe to say Brian Vaughn Bradley, Jr. has been putting in work. That all was threatened when rap fans saw a heated exchange between himself and Hot 97’s Ebro, a gatekeeper within New York radio. Then again, the exchange opened the door to more conversations about everything from payola to and confusing politics terrestrial radio plays in getting one's music heard. For many, Stro was David arguing with a Goliath. Regardless of where one falls on the subject, he got his point across.

It does help that as Stro builds his status as an emcee, he’s treated acting with the same amount ferocity. Already, he’s been featured in numbers pulling Hollywood blockbusters including Earth To Echo and A Walk Among The Tombstones. The balance of Hollywood and Hip Hop hasn’t hurt him from coming out with bangers like the Ghostface Killah inspired “Mighty Healthy 16’” and “Skrrr” which dropped today. - HipHopDX

Young rapper Stro continues to make strides in his growing career, as the 19-year-old is now promoting the release of his latest mixtape, B.E.S.T. B.Y. F.A.R. He broke down the meaning behind the project during a recent video interview.

"The acronym for B.E.S.T. B.Y. F.A.R. actually stands for 'Being an emcee sounds tight but yo, fuck all these rules," the Brooklyn native shared.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining hip-hop's integrity and culture. Instead of ranting about how "messed up" the rap industry is on social media (ahem, Kanye), Stro decided to channel all of that passionate energy into the mixtape. - Fuse


Still working on that hot first release.



Originally from Brownsville, Brooklyn, Stro, formerly known as “Astro” & “The Astronomical Kid”, is best known for his incredible emcee skills that were showcased on Season One of X Factor USA. He was the first emcee to successfully make it to the live shows on any talent competition series. He was chosen as one of the top 7 finalists, impressing the likes of his mentor on the show, L.A.Reid. 

After five years of grinding and making a name for himself in the underground world of hip-hop, 2010 proved to be a breakout year for Astro. Determined to become a master of his craft Astro immersed himself in the hip-hop culture, studying the methods of hip- hop’s greats in the likes of Rakim, Big L, Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Tribe called Quest and his idol Jay-Z.  

His first single “Stop Looking at My Momz”, became a viral sensation, which lead him to many TV appearances and local press. He had the honor of being chosen by BET as one of their Music Matters artists in 2010, and performed live at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers. His “The Backroom Freestyle” feature on BET was voted one of the best ever and was re-aired during 106 and Park’s Hip Hop Week. It is currently the most watched Back Room segment on YouTube.  Astro followed up that milestone with the successful release of his second project of 2013 “Starvin Like Marvin For A Cool J Song.” 

“Combined all my influences and came out sick that influenza as I enter the center” a bar from 'He Fell Off", the first release from Astro’s much anticipated 2013 mixtape “Dead Beats &Lazy Lyrics”.

There’s no question that 2014 was the year of Astro, between opening for the God of the west coast G-Funk, Snoop D-O-Double-GG himself at Washington State University and Oscar winning producer/artist Juicy J in Toronto at NXNE, there’s no room for failure on the road to Astro greatness. His new album “Computer Era” was released independently through his own label, Grade A Tribe Records on Dec. 2nd worldwide on iTunes. In addition, the video for his first single off the album , “Champion”, his clothing line and website,, all officially launch on that day. 

“I gotta make sure what I’m saying is a statement, cause I’m the Jay-Z of Blue Ivy’s generation.” 

In addition to his budding music career, Astro's notable acting credits include CBS’s “Person of Interest”, Relativity Media’s "Earth To Echo", Universal's "A Walk Among the Tombstones" alongside Liam Neeson, Fox's "Red Band Society" alongside Octavia Spencer and Touchstone Pictures 2016 release "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" alongside Chris Tucker, Vin Diesel and Steve Martin.

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