"Like House Of Pain, Yo Yo Ma and Wumpscut in a bar fight..."


Fusing hip-hop vocals and rhythms with classical compositions and post-industrial rock, Stromkern have been carving out a unique sound for over a decade. Founded by J. Ned Kirby in the early 1990s, initial releases (such as the 1997 debut Flicker Like A Candle) were heavily influenced by the danceable sounds of the European electro scene, but already the influences of Ned's classical training and love of hip-hop and noise were readily apparent, especially on tracks like the international hit "Heretic". The follow-up album, 1999's Dämmerung im Traum, was a more experimental affair, blending orchestral arrangements with minimal techno elements.

The band took to the road in 2000 for the first time on European club and festival tour. In 2001, with Ned now joined in the studio by Kelly Shaffer, Stromkern released the Armageddon album, their first in the States. The album spawns three singles, all of which spend the maximum allotted time in the German Alternative Charts, and the album version of "Night Riders" becomes an instant classic. Joined by Rob Wentz of Monstrum Sepsis on keys and Matt Berger on drums, Stromkern began to perform live with increasing frequency, quickly developing a reputation as a powerful live act due largely to a commitment to live performance as opposed to simple playback, the status quo for so many heavily electronic acts.

Four years after the release of Armageddon came Stromkern's 4th studio album, Light It Up. The effects of four years of touring can be heard throughout the record, but most clearly on tracks like "Forgiven" or "Delete", with pummeling acoustic drums and guitars meshing with Stromkern's signature electronic core. The new album also marks the band's first forays into outside vocal collaborations, with Frank Spinath of Seabound guesting on the technoid "Sentinel" and Victoria Lloyd of Claire Voyant on the ballad "Hindsight". The first single "Stand Up", a classic Stromkern track packed with dense sequences and Ned's rapid-fire vocal, peaked at #4 in the German Alternative Charts and remains in regular rotation at clubs throughout the world. The second single, “Reminders” again charted in the top ten of the German Alternative Charts and was supported by a US and European tour with the legendary Frontline Assembly. Now, two years after the release of Light it Up, Stromkern is on the verge of releasing a third single, “Hindsight.” Unlike its predecessors, Hindsight showcases a gentler and more melodic Stromkern and features guest vocalist Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant/HMB). Lyrically, Light It Up presents Ned's reflections on the last several years spent living in the United States: war, terrorism, globalization, corruption and greed are the topics of the day.

To coincide with the release of the third single, Stromkern will be performing and festivals across the country. With a live lineup bolstered by Dan Clark (Null Device), Andrew Sega (Iris) and Matt Berger, this promises to be the most dynamic and powerful live incarnation of the band to date. And we're just getting started...


2007 MCD Hindsight (EU) WTII
2006 Digital MCD Hindsight (EU) Dependent
2006 MCD Reminders (US) WTII
2006 MCD Reminders (EU) Dependent
2005 CD Light It Up WTII (US)/Dependent (EU)
2005 MCD Stand Up (US) WTII
2005 MCD Stand Up (EU) Dependent
2004 CD Flicker Like A Candle (Millenium Edition) (US) WTII
2004 CD Dämmerung im Traum (US) WTII
2002 CD EP Re-align WTII (US)/Scanner (EU)
2001 2CD Box Armageddon/Perfect Remix WTII (US)/Scanner (EU)
2001 CD Armageddon WTII (US)/Scanner (EU)
2001 CD Flicker Like A Candle (Millenium Edition) (EU)Scanner
2000 CD EP Night Riders (EU) Scanner
1999 CD Dämmerung im Traum (EU) Scanner
1997 CD EP Flicker Like A Candle (EU) Kodex/Sushia Light