Strong Arm Entertainment

Strong Arm Entertainment

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Music like any other from the Midwest. With sharp lyrics, and dedicated young artist are goal is to put talent back into the Music indusrty.


With influences from Cash Money Record, and others Mills CEO/Producer of Strong Arm Entertainment along with artist Kb, Rush, T. Beasty, Gage, Oldie, and CEO/Producer P90 are a group of young dedicated artist who resides in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Being from Cincinnati were talent is not broadcast and mainstreamed too much, are goal is to show the music industry that there is other places to look for good talent. With sharp lyrics, and Akai Mpc sequenced beats Strong Arm Entertainment delivers a new fresh sound none like any other from the Midwest. While being an underground managed label, Strong Arm Entertainment has worked with local artist and outside artist such as X Squad another underground label which Strong Arm Entertainment produced their hit single “Sittin Low” in 2005. The song was well recognized around the world it was number 1 on the soundclick hip hop charts for 5 consecutive weeks straight. The group is now working on their own first compilation CD entitled “Real Recognize Real” which is set to be released summer 2006.


X Squad "Sittin Low" (Produced By Mills) to check the song out,