Strong Arm Robbery

Strong Arm Robbery

 Chicago, Illinois, USA


Formerly known as The Stone Kings, Strong Arm Robbery is made up of brothers Nick and Matt Murray and hair-growing extraordinaire, Ryan Sullivan.

In the Summer of 2009 the Stone Kings installment started playing out the usual local Chicago spots until they decided to take a hiatus in November. Nick took this time to write music and read Marmaduke comics, Matt looked into a career as an International Women's Undergarment Mogul, and Ryan turned knobs at various recording studios around the Chicagoland area.

The weather got nice and the 3 got back together to form Strong Arm Robbery, a new take on their own personal version of Hard Rock & Roll.

"We took some time off to pursue underwear and hair-growing careers and study mischievous dog behaviors. Nothing but the hair-growing panned out so we thought we'd start playing again."
-Nick Murray



Written By: Matthew Murray

After birth
and i've been down that road that's paved with innocence
choke it down
still in your gown
but the soul motherfucker
you will not taste again

want you to want me
touch it look see
gross reality
no more candlelight

you could say
what if I called it off
it won't change

you can play
warning to those who cross
my domain

after Jack
and I've been down
that road that's paved with fists and bliss
choke it down
the gown half down
my soul and you pucker
you will not taste again


Strong Arm Robbery EP
1. Man The Woman
2. Afterbirth
3. All This Much
4. L.Y.C.
5. Marginal Success
6. Bones and Borders