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"Moody, Brooding, and Outrageous"

The performance by all of the musicians is incredible. I'm particularly intrigued by the vocalists raw energy in the upper ranges. This is apparent in their opener, "Don't Love Me". This is a very moving song down to the hook between chorus and verse. I really like the fact that that hook is re-visited at the end of the song.
The sound of this song is a unique and dark look at modern music. The addition of the piano gives it a sonic texture very palatable to the ear.
The next track of interest would have to be "You Say". From the very beginning, the drummer is blazing fast with a style I can't even really define. Then the lead singer pick up an acoustic guitar and replaces his hands with flesh-colored blurs that create a melody which sounds like it belongs in a Dukes of Hazzard car chase scene. The layers keep coming as the lead guitarist comes in with the bass to round out the song. And just when you think you're used to the sound, the singer takes off into the stratosphere. Awesome band. I've never seen anything like them. It's a shame that some of the bands that are on the radio these days are there and these guys are not.
- Jordan West, Douglas Chronicle


Album in progress
3 Singles released:
Don't Love Me
You Say
Play That Song Again



StrongSuit, from Bremen, Georgia, was formed in December 2005 by a group of friends who all love and enjoy music. Soon after they started playing together, the parties turned into practices, and a major passion was unveiled. They started off with some original pieces that Blake had composed, and shaped them to fit the full band. Next, the full-band originals started steadily coming together. After several weeks of planning and practice, StrongSuit started playing for the general public, always with a surprisingly good response from the crowd. They also single-handedly created ROCKFEST, an annual music festival showcasing local Rock bands. The first annual ROCKFEST ’06 had over 300 people in attendance, with 7 bands performing, with StrongSuit as the headlining band. StrongSuit is currently working on new material for their album, as well as finished songs at ZAC Recording in Atlanta, GA. They are also unsigned. This is not a hobby or a side-project. This is the collective life-choice of a group of very talented and loyal musicians who want nothing more than to do what they love for a living. Music.