We believe in Rock Alternative. We like to play the music we like to listen to. We don't follow trends. We're not super image-conscious. We like good music. Just listen for yourself.


StrongSuit, from Bremen, Georgia, was formed in December 2005 by a group of friends who all love and enjoy music. Soon after they started playing together, the parties turned into practices, and a major passion was unveiled. They started off with some original pieces that Blake had composed, and shaped them to fit the full band. Next, the full-band originals started steadily coming together. After several weeks of planning and practice, StrongSuit started playing for the general public, always with a surprisingly good response from the crowd. They also single-handedly created ROCKFEST, an annual music festival showcasing local Rock bands. The first annual ROCKFEST ’06 had over 300 people in attendance, with 7 bands performing, with StrongSuit as the headlining band. StrongSuit is currently working on new material for their album, as well as finished songs at ZAC Recording in Atlanta, GA. They are also unsigned. This is not a hobby or a side-project. This is the collective life-choice of a group of very talented and loyal musicians who want nothing more than to do what they love for a living. Music.


Album in progress
3 Singles released:
Don't Love Me
You Say
Play That Song Again

Set List

We do mostly originals, 8-10 songs per set, 2 to 4 sets, or a superset of about 15-20 songs.
Covers we perform include songs by The White Stripes, Bush, Smashing Pumpkins, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matchbox20, Jimi Hendrix, The Foo Fighters, The Bravery, Eagle Eye Cherry, Marcy Playground, Oasis, etc.