Struan Shields

Struan Shields


With honest lyrics & the soft croon of his guitar, it’s pretty hard not sit back & enjoy Struan's passion for music. He has appeared in the #1 Singer/Songwriter slot on iTunes, shared stages with Parachute, Steve Moakler, and the Downtown Fiction, and his songs have been heard on MTV's Real World.


"Singer-songwriter Struan Shields is building himself a solid story.
His album available for pre-order and has reached as high as #7 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter Album Chart. He has upcoming syncs on new season of the Real World." -Kings of A&R

Nashville-based twenty-one year old "singer/songwriter Struan Shields hails from Arlington County, Virginia where he's starting to create quite the stir, sharing stage bills with other upcoming talent in the form of pop-rockers Parachute, Sing Me Insomnia, fellow singer/songwriter Chase Coy, power-poppers The Hint and Shields' good friends; Indie-rock outfit The Downtown Fiction. Struan prides himself on his Diy ethic, choosing to write and record his songs at home and he also keeps a close relationship with his ever-increasing fan base, regularly communicating with them via various social networking sites and even offering a personal phone call for anyone who pre-orders the EP."
-MudHut Digital


"If I'm Being Honest" EP (2012), "Say It Soft, Say It Sweet" EP (2010).

Set List

60-75 minutes of original songs and a fun cover here and there.