Structured to Collapse

Structured to Collapse

 Boonville, New York, USA

Structured to Collapse has a loud, aggressive, adrenaline driven and comedic sound all in one. Shred face people!


Structured to collapse is a five piece death Deathcore band from central New York-(Boonville, Utica, Ilion,etc).
We are very influenced by our CNY roots of hard and heavy music including such local heros as Snapcase, Found Dead Hanging, If hope dies, Earth Crisis, God Below, and Architect.
Structured to Collapse blends rock, death metal, and hardcore all into one to form one somewhat genuine sound. The band is based from Boonville, New York and formed with full line up and new guitar player (Lou), in fall of 2004, but the band has been jamming together since late 2003.


The Pawns

Written By: Jeff Alger; Rob Schoonmaker

We'll leave them dying with their childrens left (behind). I have no remorse for this. (you) Send me home in a body bag, my corpse left rotting.
Death is so easy for a nation with no soul in its power.
We all will die, as our children cry.
We can't solve our own problems so we'll solve all of your's and I killed 19 or 20 (so) now my debt's paid in full.
Why do we fight!
Burn them to nothing
Why destruction?, why decay?
I have no remorse for this. I cant help you time to rewind(2x) *(during the punk clean part you need to adlib plz, lyrics are terrible)
All the times we've spread blood based on greed, action pointless.
for all the times we've slain them on their knees, action pointless
all the time we've hated our own breed, these actions must stop and let them destroy themselves


*The death of your scene- 2008; featuring-

1-The kkk cake raffle
2-My funeral was a no show
3-The pawns
4-Al Bundy is the f#$#'n man
5-Dave thomas corpse burger

Set List

-My funeral was a no show
-I think I just saw that birds bunger
-(instrumental terminator theme)
-The Pawns
-Tourettes the musical
-The scent of burning flesh
-Sesame Crunch
-The KK Kake Raffle

Our set lists generally run from 25 to 60 minutes.